Mame Lopez, spiritual coaching

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I know, just by reading my card you could think I am a kind of guru, ready to save your soul, but no misunderstandings please, the only ones I am going to coach to a better life are the ghosts who kept caught in a no-life. In fact I am hired to help the ones who are pestering around while trying to solve their unsolved business.

Yeah, look at me, this face, this body, I know you are thinking I would do great as a director's secretary in a big corporation, or even an awesome striptease girl on a pole dancing club.

I helped my neighbor to get rid of her insufferable mother-in-law, who kept bossing her even dead, and my fame ran through the barrio and then further away, till it allowed me few years later to rent a mini office at the mall and open my spiritual thing business.

Since then, I have seen all kind of stuff, but most of my clients are people who want me to discover if what they have around is supernatural phenomena or just someone trying to fool them.

And most of the times, we end up on second option.

In the last ten years I have learned supernatural is not easy to find, and I have learned many tricks that can be used to cheat on innocent people to get money or valuable stuff.

But I have also collaborate with the police department, and they have found a corpse or two following my advice.

So, this is me, Mame Lopez, twenty three year old, the girl who sees ghosts and makes a living of it. Nice to meet y'all.

 Nice to meet y'all

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