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Peter had spent all afternoon with Morgan in the Labs, they seemed to grow a bond quickly. Morgan wasn't too much smaller then Peter as she is only five years younger then him), but she still struggled to reach things, so Peter helped her.
They had built a little robot and hed programmed it to sing Mr. Blue Sky.

From this Peter had learnt Morgans story, her biological parents died when she was eight and her dad was an inventor, her mother was a owner of a small business. Peter had told her of his life and she seemed to be very interested by what he said, as if it was a story.

They sent the robot through the vents and walked back tot he common room, where they found eveyone. Nat, Bruce, Tony and steve seemed to be in a deep convosation about parenting, Thor, Loki and Bucky watched Stranger Things on netflix. "What season?" called Peter walking with Morgan to Tony and Steve.

Loki turned and called back "Season Three, episode seven."
"Never ending story." Peter said without an explination.

They got over to Nat and Bruce, Morgan ran  ahead and hugged them; while Steva and Tony pulled Peter backwards into a hug.

It was all so sentimental.


Days had passed and Peter and Morgan were practically brother and sister. They were as thick as thieves.

They spend hours working together, every Sunday they made puppet show for everyone. They had a prank war with Clint, Loki helped them.
It was the best.

It was now first thing on a Monday morning and they had to get to school. Peter was excited to see Ned, and the girl he wished to call girlfriend, MJ. But he could tell Morgan wasn't at all.

She was clearly scared. She goes to MidTowns Middle school and Peter guesses she was too being Bullied. "You okay, Morgan." Peter said with a worrying tone.

She looked at him, "Yeah, just a little nervous." She glared at the floor as they walked to the garage where Nat waited.

"What for. Your not being bullied are you?" Morgan looked at Peter and gave him a look that proved ah W was being bullied. "By who?" Peter said annoyed. He noticed himself turning into a  big brother to his cousin.

"Ms Elwskold." She said shyly. Peter was shocked Morgan's teacher was bullying her. Does this teacher have no soul, what sick teacher bullies a ten year old, orphan, student?

"What type of thing does she say?" Peter asked trying to keep his cool.
"Just things about me being and orphan and my height and other thing mainly anything she can pick in about me, she will."

Peter was truly annoyed. Bit he know she wouldn't want a issues to start up, so Peter kept it to himself.


Morgan was the first to be dropped off. Leaving Peter and Nat alone. "Aunt Tasha?" Peter asked he wan't quiet sure what he was going to say next but he had already spoken.

"Yes Peter?" Nat asked looked at Peter though the corner of her eye. Peter gulped then figured his next words out.

"You know Flash," Peter stopped to see Nat nod concerning about what came next. "He bullied me until the kidnapping." Nat grow furious.

"He has stopped know!" Peter quickly added.
"For now." Nat muttered under her breath. "You were suppose to tell me if anything happened." Nat said with a hint of disappointment. Peter felt bad.

"Morgan's being bullied." Peter saw as Nat stopped in middle of the road and turned to him. "She told me before we left. I could tell she doesn't want a scene made about it, but I thought you should know." Peter Sid changing the car to auto mode as the held the traffic.

"Aunt Tasha?" Peter said. Nat hasn't reacted, she just looks ahead.
"Why do the quiet, innocent, and smart ones get bullied?" Nat asked with a tear in her eye. Peter shrugged. He felt horrid, Nat was hurt. 

Peter lent over and hugged Nat as the car came to a holt. They had reached Midtown High and Peter had to go. Nat smiled before Peter opened the door. "Love you Aunt Tasha, see you after school." Nat waves goodbye and watched Peter catch up with MH before leaving.

Nat, now regretting not asking Peter who bullied her sweet baby girl, drove home.

School came to an end. Peter had a great day; Flash was off sick, Ned had gotten a new Star Wars Lego set, and MJ. Well that was the best part. MJ asked him to be her boyfriend, and of course he said yes, now they are going to go on their fourth date on Friday.

Morgan's wasn't great. Her teacher picked on her all day and her only friend was sent hime after she fainted in the halls.

Natasha has been worried all day. She didn't want her daughter to be in emotional pain. Her daughter, like Peter was too innocent and adorable for this world.

Nat got to Peter's school first as she had to run some errands. Peter got in the front seat with a large smile on his face. He told his Aunt Tasha is his amazing day, and how him and MJ are officially dating. This took of some of the stress she had. It was turning out okay.

Then they got to Morgan's school, they waited a while before she came out. "What's the matter, dear." Nat said motherly.

"I'm tired. It's been along day." Morgan said with the confidence of an adult. Nat nodded. It was clear to everyone in the car, that Morgan wasn't ready to talk about it.


Some time had passed until Morgan went to see Nat. She told her about everything. Peter as surprised, he'd never had done that.

Peter looked at Tony and Steve catching up on the Stranger Things that Loki, Thor and Bucky has watch without them. Peter slide himself in the middle, to show he loved them.

Tony put his arm around Peter and embraced him, while Steve kissed Peters forehead and ruffles his hair a little. Not one of them too their eyes of the screen, which made Peter laugh internally.

Nat came over, hugging Morgan. Showing they figured things out/ they were dealing with it but it I would take a long time.

Everything seemed to be turning out perfect. There was nothing else more Peter could asked for. Life was great.

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