Kaden ' s POV

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It's been 3 days and she still hasn't woken up. I've been happy since I found out she's pregnant and I wish I could celebrate this happiness with her. The doctor said that the panic attack caused stress on her body so it will be a while before she wakes up. I still haven't told my mom or anyone about her being pregnant with my pup. I know Adrian will be ecstatic and happy about us being parents. I want a baby boy so i can have a mini me and it can have their alpha title when they grow up but I also want a mini Adrian.

I really wanted to her to wake up already but her body has to rest. I kiss her lips and peck her nose. I sit back down and close my eyes resting my head at her stomach. I kissed it and talk to the baby. "Hey baby, it's daddy and i want you to know that your mommy is asleep but i will let you know that we will always love you". I hear the door open but don't get out of my position. "How she doing i hear Adrian's dad say. He has been traveling alot so i called him as soon as i could. "She's ok but her body needed rest so it will be a while before she wakes up" "Ok thanks for letting me know" "no problem"

Soon her dad left and my family got here. My mom told me to shower and go eat , so i did but i was reluctant because, knowing she pregnant, i have to be near her to protect them. I went to the kitchen and made myself 4 sandwiches that consists of mayonnaise, ham, cheese lettuce and avocado. (A/N: i love avocado, i have to put that in Almost all my food) i quickly ate my food and drank some fresh lemonade. Once i finished i went back to the room and my mom was holding her hand and watching t.v.

Adrian's POV

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I was surrounded by darkness and it seem that i was floating in it. I called for anyone but all I got was my echo. I groan and closed my eyes and rubbed them. I open them again and I'm in a backyard and i see 2 little kids. The little boy looked a year or two older than the little girl. I sit down on the bench and the kids see me and run towards me "mommy, mommy your beautiful" i gave the kids a are you crazy look and they giggled at me.

"Mommy it's us duh" the little boy said. "I'm your mommy? " i asked them and they nodded "How if I'm not pregnant" the little boy hugs me and looks straight into my eyes and he looks exactly like kaden. "Mommy your pregnant with me right now, wake up and go to daddy now, go to daddy". Soon a white light approaches me and I'm consumed by it and i groan.

I slowly open my eyes and i see myself in an infirmary room. I see kaden having his head down on my stomach. I shaked him but wouldn't move. Finally i screamed in his ear and he jumped so high i almost saw his soul leave. "What the heck was that for Adrian, i was asleep" then it suddenly clicks for him "Adrian, beautiful, your finally awake" i smiled and nodded and drank some water.

"How long have been asleep" "3 days" i nodded and looked around then i remember about my dream "kaden" "yes beautiful" "I'm pregnant aren't I" he looked shock but nodded with a smile. "Yes beautiful you're pregnant" i smiled and rubbed my belly and happy tears rolled down my cheeks. "I'm so happy baby" "me too beautiful, we're gonna be parents" i smiled and kissed him hard.

After the Dr said it was ok for me to go, she prescribed me some vitamins fir a week while she made me an appointment with her sister who's an obgyn and is also a wolf. She told us that the appointment is next week on Wednesday at 10:30pm. Kaden carried me to the car and put the seat belt on me. I laughed at his silliness and we arrive home. He carried me up to the room and laid me down and crawled over me.

"I missed you" he said and i look up and he had tears in his eyes "i thought something bad happened to you, why didn't you ever told me you were bullied" i looked down, "it hurts knowing you hid something so  big like that from me" I'm ashamed and I feel a tear fall down. I push him off me and go to the restroom and sit on the floor and cry silently. I'm so ashamed but that's my past and it's not important to me anymore, i moved on but seeing her brought back bad feelings.

"Adrian open the door" i didn't answer, i just hugged my knees. I rest my head on my knees. "Beautiful please open the door" i just stayed still "open the door or I'm knocking it down" i moved away from the door. I hear him break the door and he scoops me up and sits me down on the sink/counter. "Babe I'm sorry-" "no kaden I'm sorry,  I never told you about the bullying because it's my pass and i moved on from my pass, ok" he nods and gives me a kiss. First it started being sweet and slow, then it got rougher and sloppier.

He picked me up taking me to the bed, getting on top of me but not putting his weight on me. He kisses my lips again, then slowly scraping his teeth against my neck and sucking on it. I moan and started grinding my pelvic to find friction with his but he presses my lower half back to the bed. He starts removing my tank top, bra and sweats leaving me in my lacy panties. He starts to slowly lick my nipple while he removes my panties with his hands.

He moves to my other nipple and does the same but with one hand he is rubbing my other nipple and the other one is playing with my clit. I moan loudly and he starts kissing down my body. He stops right before my clit and looks up and winks at me and licks my clit with his tongue. "Kaden" my moan his name and he started sucking and licking my clit faster.

I feel myself coming to my release but he stops and i open my eyes and i see him entering me. I moan and bit my lips and he starts moving. I moan and i start grinding my hips to his. Our breaths mingling together, and coming in pants. I feel my release and i cum while moaning kaden name. He releases too and lays down next to me and he pulls me closer to him and covers us with the blanket.

"I love you" "i love you too" he kisses my forehead and i close my eyes and he whispered for me to sleep and i do.

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