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"Well, hello there." Virgil jumped dropping the weird stuffy onto the floor as he spun around to see this man with rainbow-colored eyes. "I don't think we've met before." The man smiled as he held his hand out, his soft brown hair falling slightly in his eyes. "The name's Thomas Sanders. I'm the headmaster at Auradon Prep and you are..."

"V-Virgil..." Virgil froze up instantly as his anxiety peaked. He spoke. He actually said something... to a total stranger... and it was his name no less. The man simply laughed as he led the boy over to a soft chair and gestured for him to sit. Virgil did. He was to busy panicking to think of anything else.

"Virgil, huh? That's a nice name. If it's all right with you I would like to learn more about you." Virgil wanted to scream. What is with people and their insistence with personal information. Maybe Virgil didn't want to share anything. He didn't even want to be here. He just wanted his amulet back. What was so wrong with that?! "It's ok, Kiddo. I won't judge." Virgil narrowed his eyes as Thomas jumped up on his desk with a smile and sat with his leg crossed over the other, hands clasped in his lap. "This room is a completely judge free. I believe in running a welcoming and inclusive school."

"Judge free and inclusive... They don't exist." Thomas frowned slightly as Virgil shook a bit clutching his amulet tightly. His eyes were glowing a bright green as he pressed his knees to his chest. Thomas knew those eyes. Being the eldest son of the fairy godmother he was aware of all villains. He knew he knew those eyes. "Someone is always going to judge. There will always be one that is always excluded. Hell, princey judged us all the moment we arrived. He certainly wasn't... welcoming."

"I'm assuming this princey is Roman?" Virgil narrowed his eyes and Thomas sighed. "Yes, well, unlike his brother Roman is very headstrong on his views of right and wrong. To be totally honest I even thought of putting him in those 'goodness' classes the board insisted on creating." 

"Roman's a prince. I hardly think anyone would make him do anything." Virgil glanced around again at everything and frowned. Thomas noticed his gaze and smiled, jumping up and walking over to a plush dragon. Virgil watched with curious eyes as Thomas slowly handed it over. Virgil's eyes went wide with awe as he held it in his hands. There was something about it that was very familiar... wait. Green eyes? "It's Maleficent." Thomas noticed right away how Virgil's grip tightened around the stuffy as his green eyes glowed brighter. "I thought you might like it."

"What do you mean?"

"I have so many stuffed toys in here and trust me when I say I get spoken about it... why don't you take that one, yeah? You seem to like it?" Virgil's eyes widened as he glanced back up at Thomas in confusion. "It's your mother, isn't it?"


"Your eyes." Virgil quickly looked away and Thomas frowned as he knelt down in front of the boy. "Hey, I told you this room is judgment-free. You won't get any negativity from me, young man. Besides all, I see right now is a scared boy who's a bit out of his depths. I want to help."

"No... you want to use me. That's all anyone wants. But I'm not strong. I'm not my mother or my father. I'm no one." Virgil got up and held the dragon out for Thomas to take back. "Thanks but no thanks." Thomas just sighed as he pushed it back towards Virgil's chest.

"Keep it." Virgil couldn't hide the small smile he got when he held it close. He started for the door only for Thomas to follow. They were going down the hall when Thomas finally spoke again. "You mentioned your father?" Virgil didn't even look in his direction. "Patton informed me of the three chosen by the raffle but all three only mentions one parent. You mention both." 

"Thomas... I'm abandoned." Thomas stopped short causing Virgil to have to look back. "I was too weak for my mother and my father for all his strength couldn't handle the responsibilities of being a family man. He left when I was young." Virgil laughed sadly as he glanced away. "Then again... A family man isn't really what you think of when you think of Hades."

"ANXIETY!" Virgil jumped clutching his amulet tightly as he spun around to see Roman stomping down the hall. "Where the hell..." Roman stopped suddenly and shot the headmaster a very confused look. "Thomas? Are you ok?" Virgil glanced back over to see the shocked look in the older man's eyes and he deflated. Judgement-free, huh? Virgil knew it was all pointless.

"Uh... Yeah." Virgil rolled his eyes as he held the stuffed dragon closer. Roman narrowed his eyes noticing and frowned. "I've just been having quite the conversation with this young man." Roman laughed making Thomas narrow his eyes.

"Must have been quite the riveting one-sided convo considering he's mute." Virgil couldn't help the shiver down his back. Why was it so easy to take to Thomas? There had to be a reason. The thing was all he wanted to do now was hide.

"Mute?" Roman nodded as he rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, according to Sir. Lies-a-lot Anxiety here is mute. Oh speaking of which, Patton wants to go over the goodness classes with you... apparently the VK's have some quirks... as if it wasn't bad enough that they were villains." Virgil could hear the venom in the prince's voice as Thomas sighed. "Cassidy is a compulsive liar. Logan is... emotionally inept, and Emile... Well, all I know is it's not a good idea to take his glasses off." Virgil immediately started to shake his head with wide eyes catching the others attention.

"Why not?" Virgil glanced between Thomas and Roman frantically until he finally just held up the dragon stuffy. His eyes started to glow so he placed a hand over his eyes to simulate covering them up and let the glow die down as he cracked his fingers open a smidge to show Thomas they were normal again. "Having the glasses on suppresses?" Virgil shrugged as he hugged the dragon again and Roman growled.

"I said having VK's here was a bad thing. Now we have all this shit to worry about."

"ROMAN!" The prince jumped at the sudden sound of Thomas yelling and Virgil didn't know what to do. He was shaking, to be honest. "You're behavior is NOT fit for a prince. Certainly not for a future king." Roman's eyes went wide as he stepped back a bit. "I suggest learning from your brother and actually help otherwise don't even attempt to participate. We no nothing about their lives over there. Take the time to learn!"

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