sex on the beach?

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*this chapter is for mature audience*
*any grammar errors Im sorry*


  Everyday I wake up and before I take my daughter Emani to school I stop by Green Juice for my granny. I been thinking bout Lauren we been texting and talking on the phone like we in high school type shit it's definitely time for our first date.

"Do I have to go to school today?"
"Yes, you ask this everyday Mani Mon"

*Incoming Call: Sammy🤝*

"So did you talk to her?"
"Yeah I did"
"What she say?"
"That if she finds out we got something still going on it's over for us two"
"As she should, Ermias bout to have him a little boo"
"Aye cuz you nosey as fuc"
"Duh that's what's little sisters are for"
"Aye ima be over there after I drop Mani off .. bye"
"You rude but bye love you"
"Love you too"
"Daddy when mommy say she has a boo she mean a boyfriend"
"Aye girl how you know that?!"
"I be listening to her talk"
"It's not good to be nosey Mani"
"But Auntie Sammy is"
"Yea cuz she crazy as hell"
"So whats your boo name?"
"I don't have one Emani"
"Yea okay but I have one"
    I yanked on them breaks damn near hard as fuck. "You have what?"
"I got a boo like you and mommy"
"Girl stop playing with me"
"I'm just kidding!"
"You don't know nothing bout having a boo, you just hear your crazy ass momma talk"
"She says the same thing about you Dad"
"What she say?"
"Nothing I love you, don't forget its early release"
   Emani hopped out the car so fast running into school. She's my twin definitely like me, smart as hell if I do say so myself. I got custody of her, and I think it has shaped me into a total different person.. The way I move and conduct myself now having a daughter. I may not know all the girl shit but I try or my female family members fill me in.
  I spent the afternoon thinking of a first date she said something natural not forced. Our conversations been dope we definitely connecting on a intellectual level. Lauren make a nigga nervous. It ain't even her beauty its her vibe.
"Ayeee you got here fast"
"Man you know I do the dash"
"Do the dash and get a ticket"
"Don't wish that on me cuz where my nephew?"
"On the couch"
  I gotta lil nephew Khalil, Thats my lil nigga his favorite thing is to fight or fist bump you get either one depending on how he feels. "Khalil you big now now?"
"He think he a big boy, watch him while I go pack his lunch"

  *Incoming Facetime Lauren🥵*

"What you doing?"
"Nigga, Good morning to you"
"Good Morning girl damn"
"What you doing?"
"Nothing, Chilling thinking bout you, you look good" You know I gotta say some slick shit that sound good. Gotta sweet talk her, gotta win her over.
"Who you on the phone with?" Sammy yelled.
"Really?" I looked at Sammy.
"Let me see"
"Cuz watch out" I said laughing
Lauren gave this look like she wanted to jump through the phone.
"Who the fuck is that? See bye hussle"
"Man thats my sister, she playing to much"
"Oh okay"
"So what you doing tonight"
"Okay our date tonight"
"Remember what I said"
"About the date?"
"Yea you said it gotta be natural"
"Aww you listen"
"Nah shit"
"The sarcasm wasn't needed sir"


  Kam is with my mom, He called me to say goodnight. He told me how he got a smiley face on his paper that he colored and how he has a little "girlfriend" you know kids say anything when they got them a friend that pay them attention. Nipsey & I date is tonight and I hope it goes well since I'm feeling him.

  *Incoming Call: Cassie💕*

"Bitch what you doing?"
"Meeting Nipsey"
"Are you gone give him some tonight?"
"It depends on how it goes bitch"
"Ahhhhhhhh go crazy LL"
"Nah Im just playing I'm not"
      I had no idea what Nipsey had planned I was just told a location and to come. When I got there some person directed me down a path of roses that I follow. When I finally reached where I was suppose to be it was Nipsey at the table clearly a beach view and just us.

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