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"Everyone is a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves."



P.O.V Harry Styles

I read Niall's text message saying they were almost arriving. Great, finally something good is happening tonight.

This whole night has been complete torture. I have just come from London and when I was thinking I was about to have a good night, drinking and resting, a business partner called a meeting. The problem was that I fucking told them to come to my house because I wasn't feeling like leaving. And then they came here, we talked a bit about the gang and what I did in London, and now they don't leave because they are too busy talking about bullshit.

And honestly, I feel like dying because they are in their forties and their talk doesn't interest me not even a little bit. I only wanted them to stay here like half an hour, but it has been two hours and they didn't leave yet.

So calling Rose Elizabeth has two benefits. First, they will see that I'm busy and they'll leave me fucking alone. Second, I will be able to see her beautiful face and if I'm lucky she will let me do some other things.

When I was in London I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss. I wasn't expecting it, at all. But I swear that I've never kissed someone with so much passion. I wonder if that's because when she came to Manhattan I spent a whole month thinking about fucking her. And the willingness she had to kiss me proved me that I'm not only imagining, in fact, but I can also fuck her. I just have to be careful and sly.

After a few minutes of waiting, I finally heard the elevator doors opening. I got up immediately, "If you excuse me, I have someone to see." I announced when I got up, making the men look at me curiously. Shit.

Why can't they just leave me the fuck alone? What are they still doing in my house?

I turned my back at them and found my way to the elevator in the hallway. Niall had one pink sports bag in his hand and I realized that it belonged to Elizabeth and it probably contained her ballet shit or something.

When Niall finally moved out of the elevator, I was able to see Liz. She looked so beautiful and I was still surprised. Of course, she was wearing a dress, but this time with tights underneath it. A pink coat laid on her arm and she seemed unaffected by the chill. She always loved cold and Autumn used to be her favorite season, I guess that didn't change.

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