Stubborn man

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"It's the last time I am asking you to leave. After this,I'll call the police." Mrs tyagi shouted at him

" I am not interested in staying here. I also want my wife , I 'll leave then. Call her. You can't hide someone's family member like this." Arjun sat on the sofa

" I don't know. what are you saying?  Wife? Why would I keep her here. Please try to understand. " Mrs tyagi  tried to calm him down. But Arjun was not a child to be fooled. 

"Fine. Just wait then. I am calling the S.P . I have hospital reports. It's her name in it with your signature. I think you want to ruin your reputation for my wife." He took out his phone and dialled a number." Hello, yes. How are you Vikram? I am fine. Actually I wanted your help yaar, there is a woman who is trying to hide some information about your missing Bhabhi. Can you please come?  Great. I 'll message you the address. Thanks man." He looked up at her and winked. Mrs tyagi looked away. She couldn't do anything. This man will ruin her reputation and she was all alone here.

"What are you thinking, Mrs Activist ? I don't give people two chances. You lost your only chance."  He tapped on the table impatiently. Aaradhika,  why did you leave me was the only thought  running in his brain.

Mrs. Tyagi was praying for Aaradhika not to come home . Otherwise she won't be able to do anything for her. Arjun stared at her face for some clues. He could sense fear . It is the only thing he can feel in others within seconds.

Soon a handsome man of ARJUN'S age came in . Arjun shook hands with him.

" thanks for coming. This lady is not listening to me." Arjun said innocently to his friend.

"See, I don't know why are you not telling him about Bhabhi but please don't play any game here with us. It will lead to police custody.and a case for hiding information about a missing person ."  They officer said in an official tone. 

Mrs Tyagi can't risk anything by lying to law. This will neither help the girl nor her. 

"Yes. Actually she was here for so sometime. After her accident I took her in my house. But it has been 2 days she hasn't returned home .so I thought maybe she was some thief. I didn't want to have any suspicion on me so I lied to him  ." Mrs tyagi was sure not to tell them about her exact location  . She could do only this much for her now.

"Oh. And you were denying about her .you know she can be In a big problem  .but you are a careless woman." Arjun shouted.

"Calm down, bhaiya.. I will double check everything she said. And a team of officers will find her. Please relax. Till midnight we all three will  be having our dinner together."  A smile formed on ARJUN'S face . He and Aaradhika together. His mind, heart and Body are missing her too much. He wants her right now  .how can she think of leaving him? 

Vikram was content on seeing a smile on Arjun's face . If it was not Arjun then he wouldn't be here on this post. He helped him in studies and gave money for 4 years without any return. Now it's his time to show his gratitude towards his Bhaiya by finding Bhabhi. Because Arjun loved only her in this world.He will complete his world.

Vikram left with some officers taking Mrs tyagi with him for the search. Arjun walked in the house for his love's fragrance.  

In a room he found that saree,  neatly folded in the Almirah  . He took out the saree and smelled the perfume . his Adrenaline rose and he wanted his wife to release all the tension of 3 weeks. 

Till midnight, After all he believed Vikram.  He has always been a stubborn man. He laughed while covering him with the saree and dreamed of his wife who is now seen by so many men, so many eyes on her. The thought made him clenched his teeth. His heart Bled for her. He will never leave her alone  they will have a family. His heart relaxed at these thoughts.

Only 4 hours , Aaradhika. .

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