Chapter Nineteen-"Don't you want to tame it then Lanter?"

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Chapter Nineteen

I was going to Venice and I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad. Paris had been great, I mean I got to see the Eiffel Tower, spend time with Dave and figure out that my arch enemy was just as insecure as I was and now I was leaving it behind. If I had my choice, I probably would have spent a few extra days in Paris. It was everything you could have dreamed of. Tall buildings, romance always in the air and that whole atmosphere of just ease and wanting to have fun. All in all, I was sad that we were finally leaving.

The three buses that had originally taken us from school to the airports had now depleted to two. One bus was taking the load of students that didn’t take Mr Berkley’s Social Studies class. Everything had been packed and put into the buses and it was finally time to leave for Venice. I pushed away my blonde hair and cast a glance over my shoulder to the already loaded bus, which was where Dave was currently sitting. I bit my lower lip and sighed. Ever since the game of truth or dare back at the hotel pool, and the really, really inappropriate dare with Sean, Dave had started acting a bit…distant.

Call me paranoid, but I was starting to think that maybe Dave really did want to break up with me. But by morning, he was fine, although still a bit distant by not doing anything a boyfriend would do but I mean that was better than nothing…right? Shaking away my thoughts, I climbed up the steps to the giant red bus and scanned the seats, searching for Juliet. My blue eyes finally landed on her, but instead of finding an empty seat next to her, I noticed Chris sitting there looking pretty cuddly with Juliet. I couldn’t help the grin that took over my lips. If my love life wasn’t working out, at least my best friend’s was.

“She so has it bad for him,” a voice interrupted from behind me.

I jumped slightly in shock before turning to face Sean who had his signature smirk plastered against his lips. Thinking about his lips instantly took me back to truth or dare and the way Sean had kissed me longer than he had to. A slow blush creeped up onto my cheeks and I turned my attention back to Juliet and Chris to hide it from Sean who seemed to have noticed despite my efforts.

“So why aren’t you kissing Davey boy goodbye?” Sean asked, tugging me towards the back of the bus.

I frowned, but allowed myself to follow him and answered simply, “How do you know we haven’t already?”

Sean cast a glance over his shoulder and grinned, “Well mainly because you’re sulking like a lost puppy.”

I scoffed, “Am not!”

“Yeah right,” Sean replied before adding, “Did you guys have a fight or something?”

I sighed before sitting on the material seats and speaking, “Yeah I wish we had a fight.”

Sean raised an eyebrow before sitting next to me and leaning back, somehow reminding me of a therapist. A small smile took hold of my lips before I elaborated, “Well he’s been acting totally distant with me.”

Sean nodded, “I see, I see.”

I narrowed my eyes up at Sean before asking, “You don’t see at all, do you?”

“Not in the least bit,” Sean replied with a genuine smile, “but hey, the first thing I learnt about relationship troubles is that you have to voice out your thoughts before you suddenly become depressed and unable to talk about your emotions.”

My eyes widened, “Since when did you become so…I don’t know, deep?”

Sean shrugged, replying smugly, “Well you know, that’s just me. Sean Gregory, hottest guy at Redwood and equally as sensitive and deep.”

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