Chapter 30

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I know it's been painfully long since I updated but it's going to be like this because my college has started and we all know what that means.
But here is a long ass chapter to quench your thirst!

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I was across the hall when I'd made a conscious decision to move my feet, my eyes drawn to Chanyeol's pale face, his bruised lip, and the dark stain on the left corner of his shirt. . . . . Forcing myself to look away, I glanced frantically between his friends who had barely acknowledged my existence. "What happened? Did someone---is he--?"

"Take him to the Chemistry classroom, on the left, NOW!" Baekhyun barked instructions to the other two, his face contorted in panic.

I hurried to catch up with them. Did somebody hit him? Did he get involved in a fight? Or worse, did he get injured during his training? My mind exploded with questions which I suppress. Baekhyun shouldered through a door of the nearest classrooms where he, Junmyun and Minseok oppa lowered Chanyeol to the floor. As they did so, a painful gasp emitted from Chanyeol's mouth but his eyes remained closed.

Relief flooded through my veins at the revelation that he was at least partially conscious (and alive!) But my panic returned in full measure when Junmyun's shaky fingers pulled open his jumper to reveal the dark red stain beneath. They cut through his shirt and I swallowed a loud gasp. I winced when a wave of nausea hit me at the sight of a small yet bloodied gash on his left abdomen. My heart beat accelerated at the sight, my eyes watered.

His friends hardly flinched at the gruesome sight and began planning immediately. My breathing quickened, I asked again in a shaky voice, "What happened?"

"You people stay here---I'll be right back." Baekhyun spoke in a business-like tone, ignoring me again.

"Where are you--" I asked urgently.

He didn't hear my question as he rushed out of the classroom. I turned to the others looking expectantly. "Will anyone tell me what's going on? Shouldn't we take him to the hospital? And where did he run off to?" I fired.

Junmyun, who was cleaning off the blood around his wound with an antiseptic tissue, sat back with a sigh. "Accident."

 Minseok explained, "He was returning from practice and he stopped by for a drink at my place. We chatted for a minute and he left. I was just locking up the cafe too when I heard a loud crash behind me. And there was Chanyeol on the ground bleeding and unconscious. . . .  right in front of me." He paused, tightly shutting his eyes for a minute. "A car hit him because I spotted one zooming past me and well . . . . all I could do was call his friends."

"We've checked and I don't think there are any major injuries." Junmyun assured.

"I was right there with him and I couldn't do anything to save him." Minseok oppa whispered, his lips curled into a guilty frown. Junmyun smiled, shaking his head, "No, hyung. Chanyeol is lucky that you were there to help him."

"Why isn't he waking up?" I asked Minseok oppa anxiously. "Did he hit his head?"

He shook his head. "No, I think it's just a mild concussion."

Gazing at the lifeless body lying before me, I reached forward and took off his askew glasses. Chanyeol's breathing was shallow.

"And Baekhyun?" I asked after a while.

"Hospital Wing." Junmyun answered. "For medicines, bandages and stuff."

"Can't you just---I mean why do you have to steal it? There's always a nurse there." I remember Chanyeol telling me that bit.

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