Chapter 27(Ark 3, The Magical Diamond)

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As Nate has disappeared from their sight, the rest of the crew wonders what to do. 

Red: well, what now? 

Leaf shrugs her shoulders while Rosa looks after Nate, wanting to follow him. But she knows when she must obey his wishes. Now he needs not to be distracted by anyone to think out the strategy he can. 

Alaavia kicks a barrel in boredom while the three adults try to come up with something to do. 

Rosa: Do you think Ash has been captured Mao? 

Rosa looks on Mao with a bit of fear. Her fears get reinforced as Mao's look retain it's seriousness. 

Mao: Honestly, i don't know. Ash is a quick scoundrel, but we have never fought against someone like the people Hugh has taken with him. 

Rosa: how did Hugh look? how has he changed? 

Mao sits down on a barrel close to the one Alaavia kicked. The girl suddenly jumps up on his lap and sits there. 

Mao: Well, i didn't get to study his looks right there when i saw him. But he was almost like a completely new person, he was larger in both body and height, he even got a chinese mustache. 

as Rosa hears Mao explain Hugh's new looks, she gets even more confused. She remembers very well what Hugh looked like when they were on The Black Wind. 

Rosa: but, visibly, has anything really changed?

Mao: Well. His face looks the same, but besides that he is almost new. 

Mao suddenly feels a pinch on his nose by his niece. He looks down on her to which she wants his attention. Rosa watches them with a smile, an uncle and a niece like the two does certainly have a great natural bond. 

She then turns her gaze to Red and Leaf, neither knows what exactly to do besides being bored. Red sits down on another barrel, a bit away from Mao. He turns his gaze to the sea, looking at it with a hint of longing. His red eyes glow in the night as he stares into the night that is upon them. 

Leaf in return gestures for Rosa to follow her, wanting a private conversation. Rosa follows her with a hope of a good conversation. 

The two females walk from the three others close to Agny's house, Rosa leans against the wall while Leaf's face carries a look of desperation. 

Leaf: Rosa, i'm worried about Red. 

Rosa crosses her arms under her chest.

Rosa: Worried? Why? 

Leaf's hands join each other as she holds them close to her heart.

Leaf: he hasn't spoken to me in a good long while, when we're working together he seems like he is almost afraid to talk. 

Rosa sees where Leaf wants the conversation to go.

Rosa: Leaf, calm down. Red isn't trying to avoid you. But i know why he hasn't spoken to you. He is too afraid to talk to you.

Leaf: Why? He knows i won't hurt him.

Rosa: Well he does know i'm sure. But don't forget Leaf, bad memories are enhanced when you do something stupid. Do you now remember what he did for a good while ago?

Leaf: no? What do you mean? 

Rosa: he resents how he treated you on The Cursed Island. He has told Nate everything who again told me. Red feels like he gained shame on his name by doing what he did to you there. How heartless he was towards you, and lastly his handling of you when Nate arrived to be captured. 

Leaf's eyes have grown in shock at what she hears. Everything makes a bit more sense now. 

Leaf: but. he. 

Rosa: he regrets what he did Leaf, and the fear causes him to think the worst. That you don't want to speak to him. 

Leaf carefully looks towards Red, he is simply staring out on the seas, with that semi depressed look he has had ever since they left The Cursed Island. 

Leaf: but, what am i supposed to do then? 

Rosa gets a mischievous smile at her disposal.

Rosa: Is there something you wish to share about you two?

Leaf: Well maybe there is. 

Leaf turns a look of desperation towards Rosa, Rosa now realising that she can't joke takes ahold of Leaf's hands. Holding them to assure her that she can say whatever she needs. 

Leaf: i think i have fallen for Red. 

Rosa nods, urging her to continue.

Leaf: he, i don't know what is about him. But his strong personality, his smile. There is something in him that i just have become more fond of. 

Rosa: so, you like his personality and his smile. But has he done anything which you admire? 

Leaf: well. 

Leaf's cheeks begin to blaze as she is about to tell Rosa more.

Leaf: h.he is hot. 

On hearing this, Rosa turns all fangirl mode. 

Rosa: Lord Leaf this is cute!

Rosa begins jumping up and down in exitement.

Rosa: What more? 

Leaf: 0///0

Before Leaf is able to say more however, they hear sounds of the wind blowing. Not as harsh as they potentially could be, but enough to make both of them a bit tense. 

Rosa looks towards the three others, getting more tense as she sees Alaavia becoming uneasy. Telling Mao that they have to hide. 

Red however is almost dead looking on the inside. His strange depressed look seems to have him locked to his place. 

Rosa: Someone is coming, we better get inside this house. 

Leaf nods as the two walk fast towards the two others. Mao has risen from the barrel and is looking at the jungle with quite a fearful look at his disposal. 

Mao: Who is coming?

Rosa: we don't know. We better find shelter in case it begins to rain. 

Leaf has tried to wake Red up, but he sits completely still. Not saying or doing anything. Effectively making him a bit obsolete. 

Leaf: Red! Wake up! 

She tries to shake him up, but he doesn't answer her this time either. The sounds of the wind becomes louder by the minute. 

Rosa: Urgh forget him Leaf! We have to get inside!

Leaf, unwillingly is dragged away from Red by Rosa towards Agny's house. Mao has already taken shelter in Agny's house. 

Red continues to sit on the barrel, being lost in deep thoughts. 

Until a small explosion is heard. He wakes up from his thoughts and looks towards the jungle. 

There in the opening, stands someone he has never seen before.

Wrapping up a long delayed chapter of the Magical Diamond Ark. 

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