Chapter 9: "Thats between me and Edward."

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After Emmett's comment, it had become annoyingly silent. The only noise was the car and the engine which was very loud. During the ride Riley always kept his eyes on me, and I liked it. It made me feel safe. Even though there was nothing to fear, I liked the feeling. Now Emmett turned up onto a familiar drive way and was now entering the drive way.

We were at their house. I didn't know why but I just got my bag and slid out of the car to land right by my love, Riley. He wrapped his arm around my waist and molded his body so that our bodies were perfectly together. I looked around and saw all of the cars in their right full place and nothing out of the ordinary. As I was walking, I looked out into the forest and swear I saw a HUGE brown wolf. It was about taller and bigger than Emmett. I thought I was day dreaming but I saw it nod it's head at me and wave it's paw.

I wasn't paying attention and tripped on the rug as I was walking in. Since no one else noticed the big brown wolf, I decided to let it go and move on. I entered their house immediately greeted by Alice and Esme. I was pulled into a big warm hug and pulled out in the same minute. They all looked very upset or depressed. Alice was weakly smiling which worried me. Even though I only had known them for like two days, I knew Alice either smiled a huge grin and laughed and giggled or didn't smile and was upset by something.

It was all so weird, just the vibe I got from her. I was all of a sudden depressed too. Next thing I know I am happy as can be. In a split second I felt two emotions that were definately strong. Strong enough to change an opinion or feeling towards something. But I had saw something out of the corner of my eye while my emotions switched. Rosalie jabbed Jasper in the arm and immediately after that I became a happy Sam.

I don't know where the Happy Sam came from but it sounded good so that is my new phrase. So any of you mind readers out there can stop listening to my thoughts. Yes that means you Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. I after I finished my thought I saw Edward's face stare at me, his eyes were now black. They were black as coal and were fricken scary lookin!

I wasn't really scarred of horror movies because they werent that scary but this was a new level of scary. Instead of looking away I smiled. Knowing he heard my thoughts. "Yes I know your full name Edward. Don't forget I know your past. And I am not a stalker or a loon!" Now I felt tons of pairs of eyes on me. But I didn't care I knew what I had wanted to know for a while now.

The Cullens and Hales were Vampires.


Ok so How am I doing so far huh? I tried to do a cliff hanger there and like leave you wanting more. So I want to know who is your favorite character because I will put more of them in the story if you do. Plus I have a really funny part that I thought of so look out for it. OK so I will give you a sneak peak:

I was soo mad. He had poked my Riley and now he would pay. I cocked my head and stared at my foe who was now peeing his pants literally. I could see liquid stain his white jeans. If only he was a girl and it was that time of month. Now that would be drop-dead hilarious. But he was a guy. But I now focused on what task lay ahead of me.

Beep. Beep. Beep.Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep

"Hello?" came a sweet motherly voice.

Ok I know it sounds retarded but give it a chance. K so time to get back to the story.


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