-3-Out Of All the People In the World, I Fall In Love With You?

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I walked out of my room and followed him into the family room, i guess, and he looked for a movie.

"So Delylah, whatcha in the mood for?", he asked searching for a movie.

I thought about it. "Ooooohh! I know! Im in the mood for a romantic comedy!", i said with lots of hand gestures. Andrew laffed and loooked for a romantic comedy.

"How booout... Not Easliy Broken?", he asked, holding it up.

"Yeah! Kool! Lets watch it!", i yelled. He laffed at me again.

"Youre so cute when youre excited", he said smiling. He turned to put the disc in and when he did, i blushed.

We laffed alot through the movie, and i awww-ed at some parts. I didnt get to finish the movie cuz i fell asleep. I half woke up when i felt someone pick me up. I knew it was Andrew so i slightly smiled. He gentally put me down on the bed, then kissed my cheek.

He whispered" Goodnight Delylah.", he paused, "I love you". I was shocked but didnt say or show it. Omfg! He loves me! Ahhh!!.

I woke up the next morning at 7. I tried to go back to sleep but i couldnt. Daum. I still layed there with my eyes closed. Then i got up to take a shower. As soon asi got out, i heard a knock at the door. I dried off then wrapped the towel around me.


I walked over to the door.

"Umm, i was just wondering, if,", he was nervious. HOW CUTE! "iF you, um, I dont know. Uhh, wanted to, um,", he paused, "takeawalkinthepark".

That last part took my awhile to understand but when i got it, i got super excited. I covered my mouth soi would scream. "Um, if you dont want to then--"

"of course", i cut him off.


"Of course! I would love too!", i kinda yelled.

"Ok, cool", i could hear the happiness in his voice, "well leave when you get finished getting ready.", he told me.


I heard him leave then i ran to the bathroom to get ready. I put on some eye liner and blush.

This is what i wore:

I didnt staighten my hair. I just combed it out and put some shine stuff in it.

I ran out of my room and into th kitchen. I opened the pantry to find a muffin. Yum! Muffins! ^_^ When i was almost done, Andrew came in.

"Ya ready?", he asked, swinging his keys. I ate the rest of the muffin then nodded. We left out the door. We got into the car and drove away.

We drove for what seemed like forever! When we got there, i yelled "FINALLY!!" Andrew laffed then we both got outta the car. He grabbed my hand and it make me feel all warm and fuzzzy inside! He led me to through these huge gate doors and onto a veery beautiful park. Well, it looked more like an apple place than a park. But imma call it the park anyways. I looked around in awe.

"I take it that you like it", Andrew said while smiling. "Its beautiful", was all that came out of my mouth. I hugged him. "Thank you", i whispered. "Youre welcome", he whispered back, and hugged me. I smiled and closed my eyes. I could stay in this position forever. I felt so safe. So comfitable. So, at ease. Peaceful. I hugged him tighter, not wanting me or him, to everlet go. <3


We were hugging for along time. Ididnt want to let go. He let go so I did tooo. Daum.

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