Chapter 34

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~Rye's POV~

Andy - "Do what Rye?" He said.

So innocent.

Yet so evil.

I stared into his eyes. Those two beautiful eyes that I had fallen for. The blue that they reflected was gorgeous. Like a lake reflecting the sky. An endless blue.

The longer I looked the deeper they pulled me down. Down to the depths that they held. The further I went down, the more I felt at home. The more the dark blue became normal. The more I felt safe. The more I fell in love.

I wasn't struggling for breath anymore, I wasn't scared. This was where I felt happy, where I felt at peace. I couldn't see the surface, but that didn't matter anymore, because I wanted to be in the blue. The blue of his eyes.

I smile at the gorgeous boy in front of me. Happy to had finally find my happy place. My happy place was him. His smile lit up my life. His laugh took my sadness away. His eyes showed me places I would have never thought to go.

So I smiled. I smiled at the boy that showed me what love felt like. I smiled at the boy who walked into my life without an announcement. The boy who was so innocently cute yet a complete devil. The faux blond haired boy with the sky blue eyes.

So I moved closer to him. Still staring into those eyes I fell for, until I let my intentions slip and glanced briefly at his lips. Pink and soft. Slightly chapped, but nobody is perfect. And he is perfect just the way he is.

He retuned my smile with one of his. His lips parted to reveal a toothy smile full of compassion.

I could never get over of how he looked when he smiled. It was purely beautiful and I loved it. I could take it anymore. I slowly brought our lips together.

This kiss slow and full of my love for him. Because it was just like that. I had fallen in love him. I wasn't going to argue with myself anymore. It was true and it was real. I was in love with him.

I brought my hand to the crook of his neck as my lips moved along with his. I could feel his hand move to my hips, pulling himself closer to me. Even though we were as close as we could get to each other, it wasn't close enough.

The kiss was full of passion and lust. I made sure I was soft, I didn't want to hurt the precious boy in front of me.

The day I hurt him, is the day I go mad.

My hands moved from his neck to his shoulders and finally to his waist.

Rye - "Jump Andy" I said between kisses.
He complied and wrapped his legs around my waist as I held his bum. I gave it a small squeeze and he moaned into the kiss, causing me to smile.

His back was still against the door but his legs were now wrapped around me. Now I had him. I licked his bottom lip for entrance and he didn't let me at first. But I was impatient, so I squeezed his ass cashiering him to moan once again and giving me access to his mouth.

So I stuck my tongue in and started moving around his mouth. He was fighting a little bit so I taught back.

Our tongues stabbed and parried like swords would. Fighting until one couldn't fight any more.

Eventually he gave up and I got to explore ever inch of his mouth. He tasted like apricots and vanilla, and I couldn't get enough. It was amazing. He was amazing.

So I decided to play with him a little.

I squeezed his ass, granting another moan from him. I smiled and moved my lips away from his. Kissing along his jawline and down to his neck. I put him down before I started biting gently and sucking on the soft skin on his neck. Eventually I heard him moan and I knew I had found it. That perfect spot that could drive anyone crazy. His was just out of the crook of his neck.



And fucking delicious.

I bit a little harder, making sure to leave a mark.He was a moaning mess against the door, and I loved it. Once I was finished at his neck, I moved back to his lips.

Kissing there ever so gently, just like I had before. His hands were moving up and down my back, pulling me closer and tugging at my shirt. I pulled away from his lips and looked at him.

His eyes were still closed as if he was waiting for me to come back. But I even though I couldn't see the eyes I had fallen for, I got to see the rest of him. His lips swollen from me biting and sucking on them. Slighting parted to let in air. The small drops of sweat glittering his forehead. Everything drove me mad. He was beautiful.

Rye - "That" I said slightly out of breath but smirking at him.

Then I walked away to my bed.

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