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Do you remember the days of your childhood where you would swing on a rope that hung from your favorite oak tree for hours on end? You would swing and watch the clouds roll by and feel a light breeze brush across your face. The sunshine danced on your light, tussled hair as you felt like nothing in the world could ever hurt you. Your mother would call from the kitchen, "supper!" and your little legs would carry you as fast as they could until you finally reached the dinner table where an array of freshly baked breads and steamed vegetables sent sensations up your nose. You were young, innocent; nothing could touch you. Your parents were always there to keep you out of harm's way. You were daddy's little girl and mommy's little angel.

Well, those days don't last forever. They start to fade soon after and lead to nothing but what seems to be complete darkness where all that can touch you is heartache and betrayal. Your "friends" turn on you because the guy they're madly in love with is way more into you then they are into him. Your parents act like everything you do it wrong. People start to die from old age. Nothing is going right, and nothing ever will. It sucks.

Nut worst of all, you learn how to hate. You learn that no one is innocent and everyone has a dark secret. Everyone is evil and no one is perfect; not even you. The guy you really love and who seems to love you back breaks your heart because he can't handle the "stress" of your busy life. You think you're stressed? What about me?

Yea, what about me? No one ever asked how I felt, or what I thought of the situation. No one asked for my side of the story or what I had to say. You won't listen to my advice or what I have to say about the love of your life having feelings for me! I have a voice too, you know.

But hey, who ever cared about the invisible girl anyway, right?

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