Chapter 9: The Preparation! -Part 1-

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              (A/N:  I'M VERY SORRY!  Exams, exams, exams!  But this time, I get to update because it's holdiays!  Though I still have other sched.  //slapped/  stop talking.  OK!)  

                          ღ♥ ღೋ MEGUMI'S P.O.V 
ღ♥ ღೋ  

             I was at my class, and porcupine-kun was absent.  He's been absent for the past 5 days!  And I don't know why!  Syo-chan went to my seat, Oh!  I can ask him!   "Syo-chan!"  He then looked at me, "Yes?"  He asked.  "Why is porcupine-kun absent everyday?"  I asked.  

              Then my phone vibrated from my pocket, it tickled  my hips and I shoved my hand gettting my phone, I answered the call.  "Hello?"  I asked.  "Megumi-chan, guess what."  Kiyomi-chan sounded excited.  "Wha-what is it?!!  Is there a buffet there or what?"  I was also excited.  "NO!  It's not that!"  She said.  "What?  Then what is it?"  "You will have a duet with HAYATO!  At a concert!"  She said.  

             "Oh, is that so?  Okay."  I wasn't that excited though.  "Who was that?"  Syo-chan asked me.  "It was Kiyomi-chan, and I'll be a guest at HAYATO's concert."  I said not showing any reaction.  "Aren't you happy?"  He sweat-dropped.  "I'm not in the mood..."  Then I saw Syo showing me a lollipop, "Give it to mehh!!!!"  I drooled.

           *lick lick*  "Kyaaa~  Strawberry and Milk sure are delicious!"  I licked the lollipop, the sweetness tickled my tastebuds.  (*σᴗσ)  

              The concert was schdeuled next week so I still have time, I went to the music room.  It was a rainy day, the door opened and I saw that blue-haired guy again. "Oh!"  I startled him a bit.  

            "MACHATO (≧∇≦) !"  

            "Masato."  He said with a monotonous voice.  

            "Aah~  Gome gome, Masato-chan."  I rubbed the back of my head being embarassed.

             He looked at the back, "Are you going to use this room?"  He asked.  "I was about to..."  "I'm very sorry for disturbing."  He walked back.  "WAIT!"  I grabbed his hand.

             "I wouldn't mind being with you."  I said smiling at him.  He looked helpless because I was too persistent, "Fine."  He spoke and went to the piano, he started playing a simple tune which was Twinkle twinkle little star.

              "You're good at this, aren't you?"  I said but he didn't answer back.  I guess he's too shy to talk back to me..  "Even though it's a childish song, playing it at the piano makes everything beautiful..."  I smiled.

              "Kira Kira Hikaru~  Osora no Hoshi Yo~ Mabataki shite wa~ Minna wo miteru~ Kira Kira Hikaru~ Osora no Hoshi Yo~"  I sang Twinkle Twinkle little star like a child in her pre-school days.

               "As expected from Yuki Megumi, you're good at this, aren't you?"  He had a stoic expression but the way he said it to me was so happy-sounding.  I laughed, "Arigato!"  I got shy.  


             "Ah!  Masato-chan, ca-can you go to my concert schedule next week?"  I didn't have anything to say, I was out of words.  "I'll think about it."  Then he walked away from the room.  Yosshh!  Okay, Syo-chan, you can do it with Natsuki and Ren-chan too!  Now, I will find Kuruppurru!   (Author:  Kuppuru~)  

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