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Steve was a little worried, he couldn't seem to remember things correctly. No, he could remember everything but the events of the last few days. They were somewhy fuzzy, he only knew that they had kidnapped this kid who didn't like being called kid and that, even if he was categorized as a terrorist, he seemed completely normal. Very normal, maybe even too much.

In that moment they were having dinner, all the team eyeing the new member suspisciously, though none of them knew exactly why. The boy just ate calmly, oblivious to the glances directed to him. He was either too egocentric to acknoledge glances his way as something strange or too selfless to believe that he was the center of them. Which of the options was true, only God knows (and you readers but they don't know that) (brEAK THE FOURTH WALL)


"So, kid-" Stark started, only to be interruped by Percy muttering that he was not a kid. Tony ignored him. "What abilities do you have that made Fury want you in our team? It's not easy to get in it. It's everyone's dream"

"Yeah, and at first you declined" said Clint, emphasizing the last word and showing his disbelif.

"I don't really know. Ask your boss"

"But he won't tell us! There must be a reason but he isn't fond of sharing information with us, even if it regards us" Tony answered, rolling his eyes in annoyance.

"Not really my problem" Percy replied, taking a bite of the taco he held in his hands. The team glanced at him suspisciously again and this time the boy did notice. "What, is there something in my face?" 

"No" Natasha said calmly.

"Then why are you all looking at my that way?"

"We don't trust you" answered again Natasha, secretly hoping to annoy him enough for him to unconsciosly reveal something. To her surprise, Percy just shrugged.

"Fair enough"

"Aren't you going to ask why? Or at least feel offended?" Bruce asked stunned.

"No, I don't need to. I mean, I may be stupid but I do realize how odd the situation is for you. A stranger, presumed to be a terrorist, shows up at your tower and hands himself, only to be asked to become part of this elite team you have that for some reason everyone appears to love. It takes convincing, which none of you expected, but he joins. Then, he refuses to give any information about himself. If you weren't suspiscious then I'd be worried, if you're the ones that are supposedly taking care of this city" he rested his elbows in the table, looking at everyone sitting around him catiously and waiting for their reaction. He knew that if they hadn't thought of the situation this way then he was only giving them more reasons to distrust him. However, he needed to know these people, know the way their minds worked so he could figure out the best manner of approaching them.

His plan actually worked, which surprised him a bit. He could see Steve shifting uncomfortably in his seat, probably feeling guilty. He could see Tony's astonishment, probably wondering why was this kid even there with them. He could see Bruce frowning and deep in thought, probably asking himself how could he stay so calm when he was basically throwing fireworks above his head that said "hey, I'm highly dangerous. Come trap me". He could see Thor, who was smiling a little as he knew his secrets, probably thinking that all these mortals were funnily ignorant to everything he had done. He could see Clint glancing at him and inspecting him, probably trying to figure out his plan. And finally he could see Natasha narrowing her eyes towards him but keeping an expressionless face. She was unreadable, obviously a spy, but it was Percy who was trying to read her. He could be a 'seaweed brain', but it was only for everyone's entertainment, he was actually pretty intelligent, how else would have he survived all those years? He was not only intelligent but also wise. Natasha could seem indecipherable for everyone but Percy could read her like an open book. He had to, he'd be dead otherwise.

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