chapter thirty six - magical moments

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WARNING: mild content in case of sensitive readers





Lily fiddled with the hem of her dress while she waited. It was a really pretty dress, shimmery white in colour with sequins down the sleeves and at the bottom, against her knee. She especially liked how the sequins, combined with the shimmery material, gave the dress a rainbow-like colour when she turned.

"What's up?" Lily pried her eyes away from the shimmery dress reflected in the mirror and at Marlene, who was leaning against the doorway. She wore a pastel pink drawstring dress that was a bit tighter around her hips. With her hair positioned into cornows in the front and the back loose, she looked like a runway model. Even better, really.

Lily pointed at her hair, still up in it's wobbly two buns Marlene had made her put it in while dressing. "What do I do with this?" She asked.

"Hmm, let's see what we can do..." Marlene pushed off from the doorway gracefully, and came to stand by Lily, scrutinizing her hair with murmured comments here and there, in a voice too low for Lily to hear. She expertly spun around and grabbed something from inside Lily's open drawer. It was a barrette.  Small and shiny,  a light silver almost exactly the color of her dress.  Lily hadn't even known she'd had it,  and yet there it was.

"You mind if I do it?" Marlene asked.  "It's just that I have a vision and you won't get it perfectly right..."

"Just don't hurt me, or anything stupid like that " Lily said. Marlene hummed in agreement and then gathered bits of Lily's hair to put into the ultimate updo.

What would be really cute was if Lily managed to sneak one of those barrettes out, to it in James' hair. She could see it in her mind's eye, how perfect they would look together, how pretty he would look, no barrettes or with barrettes...

"There we go," Marlene spin Lily around to face the mirror, and for the first time the whole day, James was wiped from Lily's mind as she assessed herself. She looked so pretty, her sparkly, shimmery dress going so perfectly with the barrettes that so elegantly upheld Lily's hair. Soft red tendrils of her hair fell down the sides of her face and onto her collarbones, and the eyeliner and mascara made her eyes look bigger, brighter, brilliant. Lily gave herself a 10/10. How could she not, when she looked like an angel, or the queen of angels, even.

"God, Marlene, this is why I love you," Lily said, practising silly poses in the mirror.

"Not for my stunning personality and even more stunning looks?" Marlene said, mimicking Lily's hands-on-hips pose.

"Of course I love you, and goodness, what a body you have!" Lily looked at Marlene in the mirror and they laughed.

"Laurelle and Dorcas should be waiting down in the Common Room," Marlene said after composing herself. She made an elegant poker face, looking for all she was like an actual queen with her regality. "We shouldn't keep them waiting," When Lily still didn't move, she grabbed her arm. "Let's go, Beautiful!" She urged.

"Okay okay!" Lily felt like she was on Cloud 9 as she bounded after Marlene, a grin on her face. Everything was going so perfectly so far, and she absolutely couldn't wait to see James. She grabbed an extra barrette on her way out, careful not to let Marlene see, and then joined Dorcas and Laurelle on the couches, the both of them having finished earlier already, and both looking stunning, Dorcas in a suspender dress and Laurelled in a sleeveless gown. Notably, the boys weren't there yet, and loud scuffing came from their direction. Whatever they were still doing seemed chaotic.

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