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"Roman, I thought I told you..."

"I'll do this... Anxiety first." Roman called out as he stood there in the doorway cutting Patton off.  He had ran to follow the two shortly after Patton had left him. Now they were all at Patton's room. "I'm mean why not? My brother has the others right. Why not give them all some time and shit? Anxiety's already here." The prince pointed behind him at the nurse's station across from Patton's room and smirked. Roman really did not trust any of them but there was just something about Anxiety that made his skin crawl. 

"Anx would you be ok with that?" Virgil looked between the two with apprehension and frowned. He really didn't have much of a choice here. So he nodded. Patton took his hand making the smaller one jump before calming down and following the two over the nursing station. The moment they walked in Virgil froze up in awe. 

Everything was just so... bright. There were beds and curtains. There was a... computer?... over on this desk in the corner. Virgil just stood there staring at everything with such wide beaming eyes. They didn't have places like this in the Isle. Especially nothing so clean.

"Can you take your jacket and shirt off please." Virgil reeled back shaking his head and Roman groaned. "Please kiddo?"

"You have to remove your top so we can do the physical." Roman called out slightly aggressive, making Virgil tense up. The anxious one frowned as he shakily took his jacket and shirt off. Roman froze up the moment he saw the clothes fall to the floor. His eyes went wide as Patton held back a slight gasp. The boy in front of him was covered in bruises. Not just bruises but scars too. His whole torso was completely covered in them. And if that wasn't enough, he was quite clearly malnourished. Maybe Remus wasn't wrong to think he could have been starving? It certainly looked like he could be. "Uh... s-step on the scale please?"

"Ok... We're done with all the tests." Virgil sighed as he quickly put all his stuff back on. Roman shook his head as he was looking down the list. "We just have to know who your parents are."

"He can't really tell you, Roman." Virgil was shaking as Roman handed him a pen and his paper. Patton's eyes went wide as Roman raised an eyebrow.

"It doesn't matter if he can't speak, Pat. The Headmaster needs this information." Virgil held the paper and pen with a very shakey grip as he wrote down one very simple word before dropping everything and quitely walking out the door and past all the other VKs that had just arrived. Roman rolled his eyes as he picked up the paper only to frown. "Abandoned?"

"It when a parent denies them." Roman narrowed his eyes as the boy in a tie spoke. "It happens often in the isle. Especially to those whose parents deem them weak. The name's Logan by the way. I'm not sure if Patton explained who we were so I thought I would take the initiative."

"Don't forget to explain who your mother isss." Logan's eyes flashed as he clenched his fists.

"Why should I? She's a total moron. I am far superior in intellect and she is hardly a villain. She couldn't even poison the emperor right. No she and her henchman merely turned him into a lama!" Logan cracked his neck as the snake man laughed.

"Hisss mother isss Yzma. And intelligence is pretty big in his house... They're all nerdsss." 

"Shut up snake! Yours is all about hypnosis and stealth... son of Kaa!" 

"Now now... Everyone calm down." Patton lulled out effectively quieting everyone as Logan sighed and fixed his glasses. "Deceit, we're going to have to work that stirring up trouble thing you have."

"Oh, I am sssoo looking forward to it, Patton." Roman could hear the sarcasm dripping off the snake's tongue and he laughed. "It's gonna be soo much fun." Roman went to say something but Patton shook his head.

"I can understand you not liking it but I can't change it. In order for you to stay the Headmaster is enforcing 'goodness' classes." Deceits eyes went wide and Patton frowned. "Yes, I am aware of what that will mean. I will try to talk to him about your lying but like said, there isn't much more I can do."

"Lying?" Deceit frowned as he nodded and shifted his hat in anxiety.

"I totally don't have a thing where I lie a lot. You can blame my father for that.  Stupid dick..." 

"I think you mean dork." Deceit shot a confused glance over at Remus who was trying really hard to pretend that wasn't said. "Anyway, we have to do you physicals so if you could take off your tops that would be great."

"And your glasses." This time it was Emile who caused a problem. "What now?" Roman was tired of this. He just wanted everything to back to the way it was. These VK's are nothing but trouble. They can't even get through a damn physical.

"He can't take hissss glasses off, Roman." Emile nodded as he crossed his arms anxiously.

"Apparently, he has a slight... second personality." Patton tried to explain. "His glasses are the trigger."

"I'd rather not take them off please." Roman growled and gave up tossing the paper over at his brother who caught it no problem.

"I'm done. You guys finish this shit." Roman quickly left the room only to stop short noticing someone was missing. Anxiety was not in Patton's room at all. "Where the hell did he go?!"

Where was right because not even he knew the answer. He was just wandering aimlessly through the halls passing people who stared or quickly ran away the moment they saw him. It was a lot different than back at home. Usually, it was him who was running to avoid confrontation. 

He found himself at this large brown door and he narrowed his eyes pushing through it. He froze in shock the moment he did, hearing the door click closed behind him. The room was filled with color. It was even more shocking than the nurse's stations. These... things... lined the shelves... creatures of all types of shapes and colors. Virgil hesitantly reached out towards this blue alien-looking thing with a weird triangle doodad sewn to its hands. It was soft and... squishy. Like it was stuffed with cotton or something. 

"Well, hello there." Virgil jumped dropping the weird stuffy onto the floor as he spun around to see this man with rainbow-colored eyes. "I don't think we've met before." The man smiled as he held his hand out, his soft brown hair falling slightly in his eyes. "The name's Thomas Sanders. I'm the headmaster at Auradon Prep and you are..."


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