Chapter 42; Girl's Day

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The Next Day
Janet POV

       I woke up and looked at my watch. The time was 6:15. I rolled out of bed and slipped into my silk robe. I made my way downstairs to brew a hot cup of tea. When I got into the kitchen, I saw Latoya sitting at the table reading a book. I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to get any information out of her.
       I made my tea first and then I joined her at the table. "Goodmorning Toya." I said with a smile. "Mornin' Jan." She replied, not looking up from her book. "Must be a good story, huh?" I made casual conversation. "Very." She replied. "Is it about a sister who sends her brothers ex to their mothers house to sabotage his relationship?" I asked. She immediately looked in my direction. "What?" She acted innocent. "Look, I'm not dumb. I know it was you who did that." I spat. "So what. It's none of your business Jan." She spat back. "Why are you so evil?" I asked. "Why do you like this Olivia chick?" She asked. "Why do you not?" I asked. "I'm loyal to Diana." She answered. "Diana doesn't even know about loyalty. You remember what she did to Michael." I told her. "Yeah, they were kids. Shit happens." She said. "So, you send his ex over there to attempt to seduce him for what? Did you think Michael would give in?" I asked while sipping on my tea. "That happened? Good." She said. "Good?" I asked almost spitting out my tea. "Um, well, if it helps the plan then yeah." She answered. "You're unbelievable." I said just as Olivia walked into the kitchen. "Goodmorning ladies!" She gleefully said. "Goodmorning Liv!" Latoya stood up and approached her to give her a hug. Olivia hugged her back and I scoffed. Olivia flashed me a confused look but brushed it off. "Goodmorning, Liv!" I genuinely said back. "I was thinking we could go have a girls day and go out for breakfast today! We just have to wait for Triniti." Olivia started. "She's in the bathroom, we woke up at the same time." She added. Latoya and I both agreed and made our way back to our rooms to get ready.

7:30 AM
Latoya POV

       I quickly got dressed and immediately made my way back to Olivia before Janet did. When I got to the kitchen I saw both her and Triniti sitting at the table. I was ready to tell her everything but I decided to wait until I could get her alone.

Janet POV

       I walked back into the kitchen immediately after Latoya to make sure she wasn't being sneaky. I saw Triniti and Olivia at the table and Latoya standing in the corner. "Ready, Y'all?" I asked. They all nodded and we made our way to Olivia's car.

Olivia POV

       I noticed that Janet and Latoya were acting kind of strange all morning but I decided to brush it off. After all they were sisters, so they could've just been having a disagreement over something unnecessary. I got into the drivers seat while Triniti sat in the passenger side. Janet sat behind me and Latoya behind Trin. Once everyone buckled, I pulled out of the driveway and began driving. "So, Ihop?" I asked. They all agreed and I made my way there.
       Once we got there I parked as close as possible and we made our way inside. We all took our seats and immediately began scanning the menu. "So these mexican churro pancakes look good as ever. I don't even want to look at anything else!" I said as I closed my menu and set it down. "What are y'all getting?" I asked. "Chocolate chip pancakes!" Trin responded. I smiled. "These italian cannoli pancakes look like Heaven!" Janet replied. Latoya was deep in her phone though. "Toyaaa?" I said sing songey. "Oh um I am just getting a short stack." She replied. "Boringggg!" I teased. She went right back to her phone however.

Latoya POV

       I heard conversation being exchanged between Janet, Olivia and Triniti but I was busy replying to Jermaine.
"Janet knows?" He texted.
"Obviously. That's what I just said. Apparently Diana was seducing Michael." I replied.
"So, the plan worked?" He asked.
"Okay well, she tried to seduce him. But that's not what I am gonna tell Olivia. I'm going to wait until I can get her alone." I replied.
"You should tell her that Janet sent Diana there." Jermaine responded.
"That's brilliant. Then she will turn against Janet and come to me. Or that stupid Triniti girl. I'll have to find a way to come between that as well." I responded. I smiled to myself. "Oooh whose making Latoya smile?" I heard Olivia teasing me. I faked a laugh, "oh hush! It's not like that!" I said. I painted on a fake smile and put my phone away just as a waiter approached our table. We all gave him our orders and waited patiently as our food was being made. "I'm so excited to meet the little one! 3 more months right?" I asked. "Yes! I just want a girl but I kind of hope Michael gets his little Jr.!" Olivia responded. We all smiled, Triniti and Janet more genuinely than me. Pretending to like this girl and having fake genuine conversations with her was getting hard to stomach. I needed to find time to spill the tea and turn her against the other girls.
       After about a half hour our food was brought to us and small conversation was continued while we ate. It took us about another half hour to eat all of our food but we sat there for an extra 20 minutes to let it all digest. "I'm so full!" Olivia exclaimed. "Me too!" We all agreed. We all pitched in to help pay the bill and leave a tip and got back into Olivia's car. Once we were all settled and buckled in, I pulled my phone back out.

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