Wild ride

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Oscars pov

I stare at my sisters car as they drive away, thoughtful for a moment before shrugging it off. Whatever shes planning isn't my problem, as long as I don't get in her way I'll be safe. I let my attention go to the club I asked her to drop me off at.

Cheap drinks, cheap lays, and good music. Hard to beat. And its pretty close to my apartment, just a block over. I wink at the boys in line, giving the bouncer a wink when I walk past him. He's one of the few people who knew my family so I can skip past all the waiting.

Being a Falcone gives you small victories.

The dim dirty stair well was packed with some dealers and drunk boys looking for some easy cash. They ignore me but i pause just before I walk past them all, contemplating making a purchase before changing my mind and continuing.

The floor is shaking from the base and the strobe lights assault my eyes. I blink a few times before making my way to the bar, ordering two shots to get me in the party mood. I take them in quick succession, putting the glass upside down when I finish them.

The burn is almost unfamiliar, making me frown slightly. Things have been feeling off lately, something I couldn't put my finger on. First my apartment looked like a unicorn vomited in it and I had to fix that. Then I have a dog I'm almost positive I never had, but I do binge on all the fun stuff.

Probably why high school is a blur. But almost everything from before Sofia returning is a blur too. Before I can get too lost in my mind, a drink is placed in front of me by the bartender. I meet his eyes and he jerks his head to the other side.

I follow it only to meet eyes with a cute guy, I could vaguely make him out in the dim lights. He waves when our eyes meet and i take the drink, moving to the empty seat beside him.

He leans in close, his lips almost brushing against my ear. "You look like you had a tough day, wanna take it out on me?" His voice is soft, and seductive. I place a hand on his hip, taking it in a bruising grasp. "Itd be quite the pounding." I growl, the boy turned to putty in my hand.


I down my drink and meet his deep green eyes. "My place us a block away, lets dance and then go."

"Tease. Lets hope your worth the wait."

Drunk, sweaty and horny is the state of us by the time we make it to my apartment. I fiddle with the door with one hand, pressing the little twink against it, grinding and making out. He lets out a squeal when the door finally opens, making us fall.

We stare at each other, him trapped under me and my hand under his head, stopping the fall from actually hurting him. "Josh." He pants and I smile.

"Oscar." I mumble before pressing our lips back together. He tasted like peaches and vodka, somehow addictive. I break our kiss to nibble on his neck, making him moan and giggle.

"Bedroom." I pull myself up and close the door, pulling him along to my room. If it takes us long because of makeout breaks, thats just a happenstance. When we finally make it to the room, Jake presses me against my closet door, kissing me deeply before dropping to his knees.

I watch as he struggles with my belt before he can actually get anywhere but I doubt it takes as long as it feels. Jeff tries to tease me, licking my tip but I use his hair to shove my length into his mouth. I moan at his gagging noises, pulling him back and he moans.

I lean my head back as I move his head, fucking his throat thoroughly. Closing my eyes, I stop forcing him down, just keeping my hand in his hair. I moan as he does something with his tongue that makes my knees buckle.

I pull him off my dick, his lips making a wet pop, making me grunt. "On the bed, hands and knees like a good boy. I want a taste before I ruin you." I watch him as he undresses, staring at his thick dick.

I lick my lips as he follows my orders, Josh- okay I think thats the right name- winks at me. I shed my shirt, toeing off my shoes and stepping out of my pants and boxers pooling at my ankles. I jump on the bed, growling as I spread Josh open for me.


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