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AN// so this is part 2 of an imagine i wrote in my dolan twin sad imagine book called: show me//g.d, so make sure to go read that one before this one :) love you all <3

(y/n pov)

"Careful, careful," Grayson said as her helped you out of the car. You rolled your eyes, taking his hand.

"I'm literally fine Gray," You said, talking your wallet from him, not being allowed to carry a large purse."You're acting like I'm disabled I'm literally fine," You said wobbling over to the front door. He chuckled behind you.

"Just being safe babe," He said following you into the house. You sat down on the couch slowly, holding your large stomach as you leaned back. You were about 8 months along now, Gray there, every step of the way. "Hungry?" He asked as you held your stomach longer than usual. You shook your head.

"She's been kicking a lot today," You mumbled. He chuckled, kneeling before you to help you get your shoes off.

"I can't wait for the next month to be over," He said sitting next to you, head on your shoulder. You smiled. "Can't wait for her to come out into this world," He whispered. You nodded, sitting in silence for a moment.

"Gray, I'm hungry now," You said. He laughed, standing up. "Sor-" You started, but he cut you off.

"Don't be sorry," He said pressing his lips to yours before standing up completely. You smiled up at him. "You want a pb&j sandwich?" He asked, walking into the kitchen. You thought for a moment.

"I want those hot cheetos Ethan left with ice cream," You yelled towards the kitchen. Grayson popped his head out of the kitchen, eyebrows raised. "What, it sounds good," You said with a smile. He sighed loudly, but you heard the freezer open.

You sat patiently waiting for your snack, hands resting on your stomach. You smiled to yourself as Grayson began to talk about names... again. "You know, Matilda sounds nice," He said. You let out a small laugh.

"I want something really short, Gray," You said. You opened your mouth to give him another idea when you felt something odd. You looked down to see liquid, trailing down your legs through your shorts. Eyes wide, you stared at it. "Gray?" You called.

"Yeah," He said from the kitchen. Your hands began to shake as you called him again. "I'm almost done babe, just ho-" But you cut him off.

"Either I just peed all over the couch or my water broke," You yelled as you heard a bag being dropped and Gray came over.

"Holy shit," Gray muttered as he scooped you up into his arms.

The drive to the hospital wasn't too bad. Your contractions weren't that bad, but your water did break. You were going to have to give birth- early. The doctors helped you to bed, Gray by your side the whole time, as they checked you.

"You're starting to dilate, love," The doctor said to you. You felt another contraction come up and squeezed Grayson's hand, making him wince. "We're going to give you medication, alright, to help the baby's lungs grow quicker, so she can breathe easier when she comes," The doctor said. You and Gray both nodded.

"Steroids?" Grayson asked her. The doctor nodded, before ordering the nurses to get you the things you need.

"We're going to try to delay the birth as much as we can, but your water has broken, so we are gonna have to get her out," The doctor continued. You nodded and sighed. "We'll have to wait for you to dilate some more, okay, just lay down," The doctor told you, and you did so.

You were given medicine and ultrasounds and tests were taken. You could tell how tense Gray was. He was scared, so scared. Your baby was going to be coming out so early. He wasn't ready. He hadn't mentally prepared himself to be a father just yet. He thought he still had a month or so. But she decided to come out early.

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