-1-Out Of All the People In the World, I Fall In Love With You?

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This story is by my best friend :D She finally has a wattpad, her name's GirlsMakeBoysCry but i'm still publishing this for her. LOOL . You can find her on quizilla though. Her name on quizilla is xLiveToPartyx ... Hope you enjoy it as much as I did ^-^

Chapter 1

I was locked out the house again. Daum. Ithought that i could break in my house. Risky? Yes. But how else was i suppose to get in? Wait til 5 or 6? Nah. Its 3 something. IM not waithing that long!! So ive decided to break in.

i opened a window on the side of my house. You cant really lock it so yeah. Im not in the house though. Its not that easy. I wasmy the garage that smelled like gas and dog crap. Bleeh.

I walked over to the door and looked at the doornob. If only i had my keys. Siiigh. I got the bobby pin outta my hair and started picking. Im a pro at picking locks. I know that might be bad and all but it comes in handy for stuations like this.

After about 5 minutes, it opens. YESSSS!! Then, a sound statled me... THE ALARM!!! Why on the day i attemp to break in, the alarm is set?!! We never put the alarm on!! I try to run to it to turn it off but im to late.

Daum! Daum! DAUM!! Why me!? Then, the phone rang. Whew! Im saved! I walked into the kitchen to get the phone. Just my luck.

Its not there! Daum! Daum! DAUM!! aRE YOU KIDDING ME!?!!?!!?! Why does the universe hate me?! I look for it and when i find it, it goes to the machine. Plus, it was dead. Daum! Daum! DAUM!! Ugh! Fudge! Really?!?!!?

i wait for the cops to come. This isnt the first time this has happened ya know. Whenthey finaly show, i go outside to tell them it ws all a misunderstanding. But, they cuffed me and red me my rights.

"What? This is my house. I LIVE HERE!!" I tried to tell them but they ignored me then threw me in the car. "Hey! Eeeeasy buddy", i yelled. He rolled his eyes. He drove me to the police department.

"Listen, im innocent! I would try to break into my OWN house!" 'Liar', i thought.

"You little liar!", he yelled at me. 'Daum'.

"Dont f-", he stopped himself,"Just shut up, before i come back there".

'oooooo, is that a threat?', i thought. "Whatcha gana do if you come back here? Im just curious. I wanna be ready", i messed with him.

He put in his headphone and didnt say a word. But he looked pissed. 'Ahhhh, my job here, is done'.

I took my phone outta my pocket and texted my mom. She was use to hearing im with the cops. I sent the text, then put my phone away. We pulled up to the department.

I was happy. My mom will come and get and tell these dumb cops i do live there! But, i didnt know my life was no where near 'getting better'.


The jackass police escorted me into the staion. I was smirking because i assumed my mo was on her way to cuss out these pepole. Especially Captin Asshole. 'hahahahaa, okaay, you cant tell me that wasnt fuuny?' But i was wrong... dead wrong.

They took my hand cuffs off and this one guy (named tommy) asked me for my name and age. "Delylah Love, 16". He smiled then left. I took my phone out and texted pamela. Me: omgee!! im@thapolive deprtment! =0

Pamela: again? what you do this time?

Me: hahaah, i kinda tried2brak in2 tha house =/

Pamel: hahahah, why?

Me: 4got ma keeeys

Pamela: again?

Me: ya ^_^

Then Tommy came back and handcuffed one of my hands to the chair. "Wh- what are you doing?!", i asked, surprised.

"You have record, miss Love. Im going to have to keep you stable", he said. I would question him about the record but i knew to well what he was talking about.

The L.A.P.D know me like weve been friends since birth! ahahaha! I triend texting. It ws hard but i managed. I told my sister, Destinee what happened.

Destinee: OMG! U IDIOT!

Me: hahahahah, dnt u luv me

Destineehahaahh, yea

Me: seee! just, dnt tel dad

Destinee: i wnt. mom mite

Me: daum!

Destinee: hhahah, yea.

Then, this hot guy walked in being being escorted by, like, 5 cops. But i dont care. HES HOT! Then, things got outta hand. He broke free then pulled outta gun. 'Oh shit! this stuff is craaazy!!'

He looks around the room for a hostage and his eyes land on me. He smiles, then walks over to me. He shoots the cuffs, missing my hand by a cenimeter.

He grabbed my arm roughly, and holds the gun to my head.

"Come after me, she dies!", then, he exited the department. I was hella scared! I really thought he was ganna blow my brains out! He hotwired a police car and we drove away. I was scared, as you should know.

We drove for what seemed like forever! I felt someone nudge me. It was my kiddnapper. Imma name him alex.

Its not his really name, but i dont wanna keep saying my kiddnapper my kiddnapper. Sounds annoying.

He got outta the car without saying anything. I sat there for a minute or so then got outta the car too. I walked into the house. It was small but homey. 'well, this is nice'.

Alex saw me and apparently, i looked 'lost', so he led me into this room. "This room is yours", he told me then left. I looked around. 'hm. not too bad'.

Alex seemed uncomfitable and shy. Maybe i canhelp him out with it.

My wrist hurt from the cuffs. I told Alex and he got a wet cold toel, then wrapped it around my wrist. He put pressure on it. It hurt but felt good at the same time.

Maybe this will be the start of a wonderful friendship :)

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