Update on my rant

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ummmm enjoy this song if you wanna. I love it. I hope ya'll do too.
okay so now that I have your attention... I wanted to update on my rant.
I've been working so hard and I FREAKING PASSED MY SPANISH TEST WITH AN 84 and this quiz I took yesterday (Monday) WITH A 91!

Yeah I did that. Any way.
I made a lot of new friends in Spanish class thankfully. I actually like the people I sit with even though they're two years younger than I am, they're chill and really funny. So yeah. But:

Why is Econ hard asf? Like at first it was a walk in the park but now.
I'M CLIMBING MOUNT EVEREST so. I took a quiz today and I hope I did good. I think I failed. But yeah anyways on with the update. Also sorry I'm the absolute effing worst. I love y'all though.

AHHHHH it is Fall kinda. I had a pumpkin spice frappe last weekend. and it was heavenly. So I hope y'all all go and be the best basic Fall loving people (even if you don't like Autumn) you can still appreciate the flavors.

So. I wanted to just say. Does anyone really know what we are doing. I'm winging life right now. I swear I feel like I'm going through the motions but I don't know. Like ugh I don't know how my future is gonna end up. Not that I should worry. It's gonna be here eventually. It's just nerve wracking and I don't wanna fail. Or disappoint myself. I have such high standards for myself that I don't know if I'm gonna reach them. I see all my friends graduating early like the over achievers and driven people they are. I don't expect myself (for certain reasons like Narcolepsy Cataplexy) to graduate early but I feel like I'm behind. Anyway sorry to put a negative vibe out here. But does anyone else relate?

Autumn my favorite time of the year. The weather gets crisp and cold. The fashion is tres chic and everyone has a psl on hand. Could things get any more Autumn-y...? I don't know. But I love it. I love crunching dead leaves, taking pictures of the changing trees, and just really going outside because I don't particularly care for warmer weather. I like the cold. It seems like everything is better just a little bit more in the Fall time. But if you like Winter, don't worry it's right around the corner. Also.
Home coming is coming up. So yayyy!

Are you excited? I hope so. I'm not going but I've thankfully been the last two years. And I never went to the foot ball games but this Friday I am which is exciting.

I love watching gossip girl around this time of year in the show. Is it just me? I hope not honestly.

I am reading a good book called the freedom writers diary and it's just simply awe inspiring. Every page I read just makes such an impact and it's crazy that this stuff really happened. I want y'all to try to read it. Trust me it won't disappoint. Anyway now to the true update

Take care of yourselves

Just because we are all busy with school and working our butts off doesn't mean you can skip that skin care routine, or skip that nail/ hair appointment, or skip that spa day you treat yourself to because YOU DESERVE IT. Even if you made a mistake or messed up or your grades are slipping already.

REJUVENATE because you deserve it.

I hope that y'all never fail to forget that. And never fail to treat yourself the way you want to be treated. With love. Respect. Kindness. I love you even if you don't love me. And I want y'all to love yourselves. It's so hard because we are all so EXPECTED to be busy. To hustle. Like school and having a job isn't hard enough, we have to manage our social life, basic human needs, taking care of others and ourselves, etc.

Parents (some) are like school is not that bad

You're not that tired

We used to have to walk to school

Like school is so emotionally draining. A lot of parents (like mine) don't understand. It's different now and times keep changing. And so does the curriculum, etc. school is hard even if you're in the "easiest classes" like I know people who have learning disabilities ( I do to but i don't try to make excuses for myself cause I know what I can do. And so do all of you lovely people know what y'all can do) and they are struggling. Because it's hard. And they are clearly trying but they hurt themselves so much by trying to cram, they beat themselves down. Not physically obvi. But emotionally and mentally.

So do AP people oh goodness they really need a break. I cannot handle that. No way. I'd fail. And I can't afford to fail. They have so much work. My friend who's in AP classes passed out from not getting enough sleep.

She has a job
TOO MUCH homework
A sport
And gets up early
And I wish she didn't put herself through that not that it is her fault.

We all have to get up early and do all that^
And it's hard okay. And it sucks that we can't admit that it's hard. Or we do and some people say "it's not that hard I do more than that". Like our stuff isn't as hard as yours so therefore it doesn't matter. WRRONG!!

It also sucks that people brag because they stay up late and pass out and didn't get enough sleep, but was able to finish that paper that's due. But they can't take care of themselves because we/ they have to get a good grade. High schools need to push back times that school starts because some people wake up around noon (even though they show up) and not everyone is mentally there. They can go to sleep around what 10? Because they need to finish everything but have to wake up really early and not get a good nights rest. Anyway sorry for this chapter it's a mess.

I am a mess
We are a mess and it's okay. We can be messes together.😂♥️♥️ (for real though.)



I hope y'all have an amazing week, day, and year.


Humble enough to know I'm not better than anybody & wise enough to know I am different from the rest

Lots of love and rest

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