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"What's your name?" The boy sat there in the limo with his blue and purple hair covering his face as the prince struggled to get him to talk. He wasn't going to. He's learned that talking only gives others something to use against him. Every word... even thing. He only agreed to join to avoid that asshole baker coming back when they found out it wasn't just bread that got stolen. He didn't realize he would be leaving the isle. Stupid stupid stupid, Virgil. Now you've gotten yourself pickle. "How old are you?"

"Forget it, Prince." The snake boy beside him laughed a little as he fixed his hat. "You won't get anything from him. He never talks to anyone."

"Of course you would know him, huh, Deceit?" Virgil rolled his eyes as the one in the tie sighed. "You know everyone."

"Know him? Oh my dear, Logan. I don't know a thing about him."

"Liar." Virgil tensed as he pushed himself closer to the window feeling his anxiety grow a bit. The snake man started to hiss and the man he called Logan pressed his glasses up more.

"True, but in this instance, I really don't know him. I've just seen him about. It's that right Anxiety." Virgil's head shot up and suddenly he was looking at an amulet he had stolen not moments prior. Everyone went quiet as Deceit smirked holding the amulet back out towards the anxious one. "If you're going to steal maybe not put it in your front pockets. But since you know... Auradon and all that, it's probably a very good idea to steal."

"No, it's not!" Everyone sighed as they shook their heads at Patton.

"Deceit is a compulsive liar." Logan finally said earning a confused look from Patton as Deceit waved with a snarky grin. "It's not something he can really help much so I recommend just getting used to it." Virgil attempted to get the amulet back but Deceit quickly pulled it away before he could grab it.

"You're better at this then I am... how come you got caught? And why a crappy amulet? I've seen you manage to steal someone keys right off their person. What happened?" Virgil started to notice how Deceit eyes began to glow... swirling colors like a rainbow. He noticed his mouth begin to open and his eyes widened in shock as he looked away only for Deceit to laugh. "Shit... He snapped himself out of it. You're stronger then you look. Who are you're parents?" Virgil tensed as he tried to get the amulet again only to fail. His eyes started to glow green making the snake narrow his as Virgil looked around desperately. "Why did you go through all that trouble to steal a crappy trinket when you could have just..."

"Give him the amulet, Cassidy." The snake froze up allowing Virgil to grab the amulet and put it on before anyone else could take it from him. This amulet meant everything to him. It was his! He had to get it back. That stupid baker... He didn't even know it's importance. Clearly, neither did that stupid snake. Virgil sighed as his fingers wrapped around the familiar blue stone feeling it heat up at his touch. It was all he had left of his father. The book in his bag was the only thing from his mother. He had to keep them both safe. It killed him with he got it stolen from him. It took everything just to get it back. Nothing else mattered. "We all have things dear to us... like your hat for instance. Or my glasses..." Virgil glanced over to see the boy in pink slowly take off his glasses. Even he could see the sudden change in him. "Don't touch it again. Do I make myself clear, Cassidy?"

"Crystal queer, Emile. Now do us a favor and... bench that Princess of yours." Emile frowned as he put his glasses back on. "A little info on Emile, Patton... Emile has a sort of split personality. If he has his glasses off then you should probably watch that pretty little heart of yours."

"Deceit that's enough." Logan called out pinching his nose. "My apologies, Patton. You must excuse us we are from the isle. Things... Things aren't exactly friendly over there."

"It's alright." Patton offered everyone a smile as he glanced out the window. "This is a learning experience for everyone. I am not nieve to think it wouldn't be an adjustment. Just know that if any of you need anything you can trust me." Patton smiled as the school came into view making him giggle a bit startling everyone. "We here!"

"Here... wher... Oh shit." Deceits jaw practically dropped at the giant castle-like school that was in front of them. The limo pulled up stopping just in front of the door and a small group of people. Well, guards and three others. "It's huge."

"It's Auradon!" Patton burst through the door and ran out pulling one of the two redheads into a huge hug as the other frowned with narrowed eyes at the limo. "Remus, Thank you so much for helping me!" The one being hugged laughed a little as he pulled away.

"No prob Pat. I'm just hoping it all works out. I heard we got a fourth." Patton nodded as he gestured towards everyone in the limo. Emile was the first out. Then Logan... then Deceit who smirked from beneath his hat making the other redhead even angrier. Virgil didn't want to get out. He wanted to stay right there. His anxiety was kicking his ass right now. What was he supposed to do? Deceit frowned as he glanced back towards the anxious one.

"Anxiety, you need to get out here." Virgil tensed up again. He never liked being called that. It brought to much attention to his anxiety... to the fact that he was weak. The very reason his mother abandoned him. Couldn't have a weak son now could she? "Anxiety?" Virgil sighed as he pushed himself out of the limo jumping slightly as the guard slammed the door shut behind him. Virgil glanced around feeling everyone's eyes on him as he waved. Deceit only frowned. "Forgive him. He's mute." Virgil nodded furiously making Patton's eyes go wide and Deceit narrowed his eyes. Virgil knew the man was lying but it was better than having to explain to everyone that he could talk... he just never did. So, in reality, it wasn't a lie because the term is a selective mute, which Virgil was.

"I see. That's alright." The redhead closest to Patton beamed as he bowed slightly in respect towards the VKs. "My name is Remus, and this is my twin Roman. We're both the sons of Prince Adam and Belle, the Royal family of Auradon. If you need anything at all. Do not hesitate to come to me. I am more than willing to offer any help." Patton smiled as he ran over to Virgil causing the boy to freeze up.

"Remy?" Patton called out catching the third boys attention. "Could you and Remus show everyone their rooms. I'm gonna take Anx to mine and get things all situated."

"WAIT, WHAT?!" The prince name Roman stepped forward making Virgil step back in fear. He's seen that look all to many times in the people who have beat him up. "You're taking the thief to your room?"

"Brother, please. We've spoken about this." Remus sighed as he brushed his own hair back. The man in shades.., Remy as Patton called him, laughed as he pulled his shades down slightly to reveal swirling golden eyes that made you very sleepy to look at.  

"Let's go, bitches. I gotta get a coffee so I'll show you the cafe first." Patton smiled apreciativly as Remy dragged Remus and the others off. Roman didn't move. He just stared at Virgil with hate in his eyes. 

"Roman, I know you don't approve but please be kind." Virgil shivered under the Prince's gaze. It wasn't like he wasn't used to it though. Over on the isle, it was kill or be killed. The strong took whatever they wanted and the weak were punished for their lack of strength. Kids with powerful parents had a rep they NEEDED to maintain. Such as Emile... You had to live up to your parent's image or you got thrown to the curb... like Virgil. Well... He got disowned by his mother. His father simply vanished one night after a fight with his mother. If it weren't for the fact that dark magic was actively blocked on the isle, he would have suspected his mother but... the simple fact is that his father left them both. Plain and simple. "If you really want to help keep EVERYONE safe then organize the physicals for the newcomers."

"But..." Patton shot the Prince a glare as he hurried Virgil far away leaving Roman in stunned silence. "Guess I got to play nurse now... Great."

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