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Intro Note

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Dear Readers,

I am so excited to announce that "Last Flight to L.A." will now be part of Wattpad's Paid Stories program! Because of your support, I am able to do more of what I love. It means the world to me that you as a reader enjoy my stories and love the characters just as much as I do.

"Last Flight to L.A." is one of my favorite projects I have ever worked on, and it's absolutely thrilling to be able to share it with you!


What does this mean?

After the first six chapters, you will need to use coins to access the rest of the book. But don't worry! It'll be worth it!

Do I have to pay to read all of your stories?

No! I have other works posted on Wattpad for free, including the Christmas sequel to "Last Flight to L.A.". I will always have free material on Wattpad, as allowing everyone to enjoy my stories is a priority.

Why are you joining the program?

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was thirteen. Even though I'm a busy student, homemaker, and employee, my dream is to become a full-time writer. Your support will enable me to take those first steps towards fulfilling that dream, as well as help me to continue publishing on Wattpad.

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