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"I can't believe they all agreed to do it!" Roman yelled out as he paced the floor of his bedroom in annoyance and frustration. "I mean they all voted for the isle plan and now there allowing Vk's come out... What do you think they learn over there because it certainly isn't how to bake cookies!"

"Brother please." Roman groaned as he collapsed on to his bed. He looked up to see Remus smiling sadly at him from where he sat on the desk. "Patton isn't necessarily wrong here."

"Of course you would agree with them..."

"You can't just assume that the VK's are evil simply because their parents are. All this good and bad stuff, its all nonsense." Roman glared over at his twin as the other smiled a smidge wider. "You can't judge them until you see the actions they take."

"And that is precisely why you are not going to be King, Remus." Roman saw his brothers face pale and he sighed. "People are the product of their experiences. I live by that. I just can't ignore that those kids very well might be JUST like their parents. We don't even know who those parents are. Patton wanted to make sure everyone had an 'equal opportunity' so it was done by raffle. What if he chooses someone really bad like... Maleficent's kid?"

"First off, Father hasn't decided which one of us will take his throne yet. Secondly, who cares? Maleficent did what she did because she was betrayed. It was that hurt that turned her 'evil' as you put it. No one is born evil... Even you said people are a product of their experiences. So let's show them what good feels like. Yeah?" Remus jumped up off the desk reaching out towards his brother with a desperate but hopeful smile. "I can't do this without you Roman."

"Yeah... maybe you're..." Roman's phone went off making him stop to look at the message. The moment he did though He groaned out in anger causing Remus to drop his hand feeling like he failed once again in convincing his twin. "WHAT IS HE THINKING?!"

"What now, Roman?" Remus just stood there as Roman laughed angerly.

"He's bringing four now. The deal was three VK's and now he's bringing four." Roman nearly chucked his phone as he yelled out. "IT'S LIKE HE DOENS'T EVEN CARE!"

"Hey now. You know Patton. He wouldn't do anything without a good reason." Roman scoffed as Remus shook his head. "Come on, you know that's true. He had to have a reason. What exactly did he tell you?"

"He said he's bringing a fourth kid. Said he was caught stealing food and got beat up. He's a fucking thief, Remus. A THIEF!" Remus chucked one of Roman's plushes over at the other prince who just barely managed to catch the small stitch. 

"None of us know what it's like over there. If they were stealing food then... Patton was right to bring him. He might be starving." Roman rolled his eyes at his brother.

"Starving... They may be villains but I don't any parent would let their child starve. No, he's a thief and he did all that to worm his way here. Think about it, Remus." Roman jumped up with a desperate look in his eyes. "Patton may be strong but he's got the softest heart out of anyone. What better way to get Patton on your side than to make him think you're helpless?"

"Roman... relax. Patton isn't stupid." Remus held up a paper from the desk with a raised eyebrow and Roman paled. It was a test with a score of 67. Roman honestly had had a bad day that day and hadn't focused on the test. He was far better than that but that test really upset him. "He got far higher than you did on this one."

"Yes, we all know Mr.99 got higher than me. Why don't you go back to your studying, Class valedictorian." Remus sighed as he rolled his eyes letting the test fall to the floor.

"My point is... He's not stupid. Don't you think he'd know if someone was trying to pull the wool over his eyes? And... I'm just trying to put in the effort, Roman. You can't change anything. The vote was cast and the kids were chosen. All you can do now is help. Otherwise..." Remus waved his brother off as he started for the door. "How can you really say you're the heir? You haven't put in any effort towards this kingdom."

"And you have?" Remus froze making Roman worried he went to far this time.

"Hurry up get ready, Roman. Patton will be here soon with the Vk's." And with that Remus left. As soon as the door shut his whole body seemed to deflate a bit but he wouldn't let himself stop. He had to get out to the front of Auradon. Which meant he had a long way to walk... 

'And you have?' Remus shivered as his anger built in him. How dare Roman ask that of him? He put all his time and energy into this kingdom. He did everything he could for this kingdom. That was why he helped Patton. Let's say that there were kids over there that could do such amazing things and help the kingdom to thrive, they would never get the chance if they were stuck behind the barrier. 

He not only put so much effort into the kingdom but also his school work. Be the perfect prince, right. Good grades show intelligence. This VK raffle shows kindness by helping others. Even his training with Mulan and Shang shows strength and patience. All Roman has his sword skills... and exposure. He's everywhere. Remus was always seen as the brother. It doesn't matter. Remus was certain their father would take everything into consideration and make the best choice for the kingdom. Whoever it is he chooses...

"Prince Remus!" Remus blinked snapping out of his thoughts as he looked over to the guards with a smile.

"At attention men. Patton should be here soon enough. We must set a good example." The guards all saluted before a loud laugh tore through the space. Remus frowned as someone slapped his back playfully. 

"My brother right. They are our guests after all." Remus glanced over to see Roman smiling brightly as if happy all this was happening. Remus knew he wasn't. That was another thing Roman had... that they both had. They both were very good actors. "Let give them a proper Auradon Prep hello."

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