Chapter l: Pretty boy~

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Modern day Royal AU


Yes, they're may or may not be some Demus-

Warning: Cussing, arguing, fighting, implied sex, and slight smut

(Emilie's POV)

My name is Emile Picani, and today is my 18th birthday. My older brother Roman is the king of Lidium. There are now only six rules  as a prince since Roman's the new ruler.

1. Marry for love; no arranged marriages.

2. Once reached 18, the prince/princess must visit the town.

3. Don't fight your feelings.

4. Older siblings mustn't set a bad example.

5. Exactly 1 month from the day you visit the town you must marry.

6. No cruel judgement towards anyone, no matter their decisions for love, punishment, etc.

I honestly love rule three! It's so hopeless romantic-like!! Plus, the punishments for breaking any rules are being banished from the kingdom immediately. If caught sneaking back in you will be executed.

Oh! pardon my manners, my mother and father died a year after I was born so that's why Roman is the ruler.. While on the topic, I should find him.

I move from the downstairs window seal past the ballroom, up the stairs, to the right and knock on Roman's door. His room is by the other guest rooms, and mine of course is at the top of the castle like Im some cute little princess. I hear shuffling around but still the door was not opened.

"For god sakes, Roman if your having sex at least put a sock on the door." I giggled, beginning to turn around before the door was opened. "I thought you had, uh, left into town." Roman said. "Not yet, is Virgil over?" I asked. He nodded.

"May I speak to him?" I ask. "Yeah, hold on." Roman closed the door, probably getting dressed, he soon opened it and I walk in to see Virgil wrapped in a blanket. "Hey, Em." He waves, smiling. "Hey, Vi." I give a kind smile in return. "Is it okay if I visit your house when I go into town?" I ask. Virgil nods, grabbing a paper and pen from Roman's table and writing his address before handing it to me. "Bye! You two lovebirds have fun!" I say before exiting the room and walking towards the front of the castle.

~Timeskip to the town~

On my way to Virgil's house, I look around at all the people, observing them. Only one seems to catch my eye though. A boy with a side swooped hairstyle, short shirt, tights, a skirt and boots. Sitting by a fountain, he looked up and I thought I felt my heart stop when his gaze landed on me. I smiled softly and walked towards him, sitting by him.

"Well, hello, handsome." He winked, I blushed lightly, looking down a bit. "Hi." I reply a bit sheepishly, to which he lifted my chin to look into my eyes. "It's rude to look away when you're talking to someone.. you should know that, seeing as you're a prince." He leaned closer. I blushed a deep red and stared back into his eyes. "I'm.. sorry." I mumble.

He smirks and pulls my face closer, so close I could feel his breath on my lips. "No need to be.." He whispered, pressing a soft kiss to my lips.

My eyes widened as I softly kissed back, he pulled away a few seconds later and we looked at each other. "Names Remy, I own the café over by Hellshea."

I nod as he looks up beside me. I turn to wear he's looking and gasp, standing up. "Remus! Deceit!" I hug them tightly. "Wowowo! Emile! Careful of the suit!" Deceit shouted, gently pulling me off of him.

"Sorry, but it's been so long since I last saw you two! You moved away after you started dating!" I complain, to which he rolls his eyes.

"Well, not only are we moving back here, but, we're getting married!" Remus spoke up. "Congrats, you guys! Took you long enough! Even Ro got married before you!" Remus smirked. "Well, you'll be the last to get married, so, ha!" He crossed his arms. "We'll be married by the end of this month."

Remy stood and spoke up. "Emile will be married by then." He smirked, wrapping his arms around my waist, to which I blushed a light pink as he kissed my cheek.

(Narrator's POV)

"To who?" Remus asks, scanning over Remy. "You certainly don't dress the part of royalty."

Remy gasped, growling. "Says the one who dresses like fucking Beetlejuice!"

"At least I don't look like a whore!" He shot back, baring his rather sharp teeth.

Emile whined as Deceit firmly backhanded his boyfriend.

"Remus!" Deceit shouted. "You have no room to talk!" He growled.

"Right, sorry. I apologise, but, that's not how anyone royal would or should dress." He mumbled embarrassedily.

"Shut up, will you?" Remy hissed as Emile gasped. Remus glared at Remy, mouthing the words 'fuck you'.

"Stop it, you two!" Emile shouted. "There's no need to fight!" He pulled away from Remy's grip and started walking back to the castle.

"Deceit, are you coming?" Emile turned for just a second, the young lad following him.

Remy ran after Emile, grabbing his hand lightly. "Look, babe, I'm sorry." He apologized.

Emile continued walking. "You didn't start it, but, you shouldn't of finished it." He complained, Remy following after him.

"Emile, please!" He hugged the lad's waist, pulling him close to his chest. Emile blushed a deep red and sighed. "Fine.." He mumbled, leaving Remy's grip and continuing onto the castle.

~Timeskip to the castle~

"Dee! Baby!" Remus whined, hugging Deceit's waist and bouncing on his lap. "Forgive me, please!" He whined.

Deceit sighed and pulled Remus off of him, pinning him down to the bed and leaning towards his ear. "Maybe, if you're a good boy this time, I'll forgive you." He smirked.

(Emile's POV)

I finished making food for everyone, calling everyone to the dining room. Remy wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. I kissed back lightly, wrapping my arms around his neck as he dipped me.

I heard a cough and Remy slowly pulled me to my feet, pulling away. I blushed a deep red as I saw Roman standing by the table. "Get a room." He chuckled, Virgil sitting at the table. "You're you're one to talk." I raised my brow and he blushed, sitting at the table.

"Where are Deceit and Remus?" I ask before  hearing a loud moan echo down the hall.

"I think they're a little.. busy.." Remy mumbled in my ear. I nod and Remy sits at the table, pulling me into his lap.


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