Untitled Part 12

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We stayed at the lake till the sunset. Benji and I walked home slowly. Before we got inside we shared a last passionate kiss: "We will continue later, okay?", he asked softly. I nodded in response and opened the door.

I made my way to the bathroom but stopped when my mum asked: "Don't you want to join us at dinner Jorge?", her tone was kinda angry. Which made me suspicious. On the other side, my mother always projects her anger on other people, innocent like me.

"Thanks but I'm not hungry.", I responded. The answer made her only angrier: "You will join us for dinner. It wasn't a question. I start to think you don't want to be a part of the family anymore." I rolled my eyes, "chill mom", she always has to be this overdramatic.

At dinner I notice Andre, Javi, Rowy, and Thomas missing. "Where are the others?", I asked while bite in my sandwich. My mum glared at me: "They went to an ice hockey game, together. They wanted to ask you to join but you two never came."

I looked at Benji, he seemed pretty unpleasant. "I'm sorry, miss. I forget to text, we hang out with a friend after school." She softens her glare at Benji: "I'm sure you are not to blame, Benjamin. Jorge should have done it. You really want me to be unhappy, don't you?"

I gasped and looked at my mum in shook: "No mum. I'm sorry really. I guess I just forgot to text you." "Maybe you should go to your room and think about what you did." My jaw dropped. It never happened that she grounded me and I've done things way worse. "Mum, do you think that is really necessary?", Benji also defended me: "It is really my fault, I said I texted my dad but didn't. I should be the one grounded."

My mother just ignored him and stood up: "enough, I hate lying, especially to your own family. Don't you understand we are a family?!" She pulled me up by my collar and started pushing me in my room. At this point, I'm certain the woman has never been this angry in her entire life. Even my sister started crying and begging her to have mercy on me.

She shoved me into my room. "You stay in your room from now. Think about what you did and what is really important to you, if you want to stay a part of this family. You grounded Jorge, I'm so disappointed in you." I was so confused and hurt I started crying. Paula ran in my room to hug me, but my mother just picked her up and closed the door.

Now, I was alone. Through the door I heard Benji, Paula and even Alba talking to my mum, trying to convince her being too hard to me. All I could do was cry. I never have been disciplined by my birth giver before and now because I didn't text? This is so unreasonable. She could have called and asked where I am, couldn't she?

My phone was on mute so maybe I never notice her calling me? When I pulled my phone I saw a few notifications, some from Noen asking what I'm doing on the weekend. There was only one message from my mum she sends this afternoon: "I hope you are save, text me if you sleepover somewhere, ly.XxXx"

The message wasn't that old. So why is she this mad? At this moment I got a new text from Benji: "I'm really sorry about yr mum. Let's talk tomorrow,k? Ily." I only replayed "K."

Wow, what a good boyfriend I have, leaving me alone the second I need him the most. He could have snugged into my room later like yesterday and cheer me up, but he didn't? My heart shreds a bit. Yesterday my life seemed perfect and now everyone is disappointing me.

My eyes filled with tears again, I never noticed I stopped crying. I let out soft sobs. It was like this for hours till my eyes were really heavy and my head just hurt so much that I fell asleep on the floor.

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