28. Flies around MY honey

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Hlo darlings


There's no bigger proof than jealousy that your man loves you to no extents. You may call it his male ego, his territoriality and he might seem like a male chauvinistic pig to you. But if you look directly into his eyes , you would find it's his possessiveness towards you that keeps kicking him in his guts every time he sees another man tripping his way towards you. You can't ignore the fact that you love it. You can't ignore the feeling of butterflies fluttering in the pit of your stomach when your man shoots someone mere with his eyes for looking at you.

Anika smiled followed by a frown at such ridiculous thoughts. First of all, this man was a beast and he isn't 'her' man. Second of all, he wasn't jealous. He was doing what a boss would do if he finds his employees roaming around and not working properly. Only if she knew that the employee who was flirting with her when she was coming to the canteen, was already out of this office, permanently.

This male attention was not new for her. She had encountered many such men who flirted with her, a harmless flirting or even a disgustingly cheap one. But in this office it seemed to her that people waited for her to come and the clock to tick ten in the morning so that they could annoy her with their endless cheesy smiles and flirting. May be because there were almost no young female employees and only the middle aged and older ones. So she was the only girl they could try their luck on.

That was not it. There was so much of variety of flirts in this office. A few were like a double cheese pizza, with over stretched praises, a few were boastful about their prestigious position in the office. Only a handful were the ones who guessed that she wasn't a girl to get impressed so easily by their looks, cheesy remarks and positions.

It was the third file that Shivaay had torn without even opening it because of the number of male employees sitting in the canteen and spending more than 20 minutes to drink there so called coffee. It was enough. He was trying to be patient and behave as normal with Anika as he could so that no one would notice he had any special feelings for Anika. Because once he showed his care for Anika, it won't be long when everyone would know she was his biggest weakness.

Being a businessman he had so many rivals and letting anyone know about his weakness was not what he could afford. She was his precious treasure that he couldn't lose or let anyone harm her or let anyone use her for their own selfish motives. Then, he knew that this office grapevine would not let it pass without a comment that their boss was attracted towards this young and extremely beautiful lady. He was immune to such gossip as media never let him sit in piece, they had always tried to stick his image with every other famous actress or model or businesswoman. But he knew his Anika very well. She was too sensitive to bear such things. From childhood she was alone and like that, but the insults he and his family had hurled at her made her even more scared of loosing her dignity and have a blot on her character.

His office had no young female employees because he knew it was not good for the young girls for his so called father often used to pay unplanned and unrequired visits to this office. Now, when Shivaay was sure he won't and can't come here, he better start employing young and efficient female staff as well, so that the stupid bees won't fly around his honey.

What could he possible do to make sure that no one roamed around Anika ? He thought until he got no idea and threw his phone, breaking the glass wall. The mess of shattered glass pieces relieved him of his ordeal and he called his Anna.. er.. Khanna immidiately.

In next 15 minutes he marched happily towards the canteen with khanna following him with all his files and laptop. If he was surprised to hear his boss whistling the tune of a romantic song, he managed not to smile and look like he had swallowed a poker.

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