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"Jeon Jungkook. The King is present. You have three seconds to open the door before we use force to come in."

The Prince froze. His breath hitched in his throat as he stared at the door for a second in shock, before immediately pulling Taehyung roughly from the bed, pointing in panic to underneath his bed.

"Hold on, I'm-" Jungkook began frantically, although he was soon cut off by the motion of his door swinging open, revealing both King Jeon and Jennie.

The King wore expressions of sheer disgust. As the Southern Prince hastened to pull his gown over his muscular frame, Taehyung was caught red-handed, his body bent over slightly whilst he attempted to hide from plain sight. However now, it was futile.

They'd been caught.

"Seize him," King Jeon spat out venomously, pointing towards Taehyung, to which two men quickly appeared behind him, making their way over towards the blue-haired.

As the servant rushed to pull a shirt over his body, he couldn't help but allow his hands to tremble purely out of fear. He couldn't believe he was in that current situation, and neither could Jungkook.

"Stop," the younger screamed out, standing as a shield in front of Taehyung whilst he faced the pair head-on, his entire body shaking with rage. "Don't come a step closer, Father. I swear to God. Leave him alone."

However, the expression upon his Father's face was purely indescribable. Every inch of Jeon's aged facial features were contorted with fury. He stared on at his son dead in the eye, a proud smirk beginning to form across his lips.

"You bastard," he spat out, taking a step towards Jungkook. "You thought you could run around with your little boy toy for long, did you? Did you really think I wouldn't catch on, hm?" he asked, before waving his hand once again, causing the guards to push Jungkook towards the side and violently bring Taehyung to his feet, as the men began dragging him away from Jungkook.

"Kook!" the helpless boy cried out, attempting to reach out for the Prince, only to be yanked away sharply.

Meanwhile, Jungkook felt his insides coiling with fear. He feared the murderous look evident on the King's and Jennie's faces. He feared the manner in which Taehyung was being forced away from him, causing him to spring to his feet at once, rushing over towards the servant as he attempted to free him from the guard's grip, yelling out profanities as he did so.

"Let him fucking go," Jungkook screeched out brutally, clutching desperately onto Taehyung's arm, who in response was a sobbing wreck. The boy was visibly shaking as he continued to be pulled away, staring on at Jungkook with widened, almost pleading eyes.

However, upon feeling an iron grip wrapping around his waist, the Prince couldn't fight off the sheer force bringing him backwards as he soon realised another two guards had appeared behind him, as they were now dragging him in the opposite direction towards Taehyung.

"I, King Jeon," the elder man called out, his face flushed with enrage. "Hereby sentence Taehyung to death, guilty of homosexuality and sexual advances towards the Prince of South Korea: Jeon Jungkook."

The Prince virtually felt his insides going numb. He couldn't breathe. His throat began to constrict with utter panic as his hands trembled uncontrollably, unable to fathom the right words. However, upon hearing Taehyung soft cries as he was dragged out the bedroom, the boy immediately came to his senses, trying absolutely everything within his power to free himself from the grip of the two men in order to reach Taehyung.

"Get the fuck off me," he forced out, his arms flailing around, although it proved to be to no avail as his attempts were completely futile. His eyes met with Taehyung's petrified gaze, causing his own body to coil up with remorse; he felt so remorseful he hadn't let the servant boy go when he'd tried to leave. He felt remorseful that this was all his fault.

"Don't fucking touch him, Jeon. I swear to God. Don't hurt him," he begged, tearing his eyes away to meet his own Father. "Please, Father. I'll do anything," he said, his voice cracking towards the end.

At this point, he'd accepted defeat. He couldn't do anything but plead his Father to release the boy, and refrain from harming any inch of hair on his head.

Jennie stared at the pair, jealousy coursing through her veins. Although she remained quiet in the corner of the room, it was evident to note how much the Prince cared for her own worthless servant, and that mere thought killed her.

"You've already done enough," Jeon stated venomously, his eyes narrowed with hate. "This is your doing. I warned you to refrain from messing around with the situation, and now, because of your sheer stupidity, you've sent him to death," he spat, before preparing to depart the room, waving his hand towards the two guards to signal them to drag Taehyung after him.

The blue-haired boy only released suppressed sobs, the words racing through his mind. As he took one last look at Jungkook who'd allowed his knees to give way, kneeling down against the floor in defeat, he couldn't miss the words the Prince mouthed quickly as he was pulled from the entrance.

"I'm coming to save you."

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