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I was tagged by Blue-teeth (thank you!)

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I was tagged by Blue-teeth (thank you!)

1. Do I have a crush?

A: No, I'm a single pringle

2. Middle name?

A: Hdhdhhhjjjdjjjkdjfjfjj

(that's not my middle name, I just don't wanna embarrass myself aha-)

3. Height?

A: •~• ...I'm 5'7...

4. Shoe size?

A: Like a 9 1/2 or a 9

5. Eye color?

A: Blue

6. Last time you cried?

A: ....uh....I think it was like three weeks ago.

7. Biggest fear?

A: Hurting people. I'm not really scared of much, maybe hornets...

8. Last song I listened to?

A: Imagine by Ariana Grande

9. Last person I texted?

A: JJayfeather (PS I'm tagging you, so teehee)

Who might I be tagging?

1. JJayfeather

2. That-Random-Comment

3. personwithnolaifu

4. Payton_Elizabeth1

5. wannabe-neko


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