Lisa was crying as her dance teacher yelled at her for 'not landing her flip on both feet' and her 'back leg being bent for most of the dance'. Lisa wiped at her eyes and nodded pointlessly at her teacher, already afraid her daddy was going to yell at her. But Ethan would never.

"Why are you yelling at my daughter?" Ethan yelled, pushing the door open. Lisa's dance teacher looked up at Ethan as Lisa ran to him, hugging his leg. Putting a hand on her head as she held onto him, Ethan stared her teacher down.

"Did you see her out there?" She asked him. Ethan leaned down to pick Lisa up and she wrapped her arms around his neck. You waited patiently behind him, wiping Lisa's tears. "She did the dance all wrong. Leg wasn't straight, she didn't land anything properly," She yelled. Ethan scoffed.

"Her dance was perfect, she was amazing, Ethan said. You walked over to Lisa's table, packing her bag up, already knowing how this was going to end.

"That wasn't my star student out there, I don't know who she was," The teacher told Ethan as Lisa cried even harder. You sighed as Ethan put Lisa down and she ran to you. "Next time, you better practice more," She told Lisa as you lifted her up.

"Next time?" Ethan asked, grabbing her bag from the table you'd left it at. "There won't be a next time," He said heading towards the door, you and Lisa right behind him.

"So she's quitting dance then?" The teacher asked, calling after him. Ethan turned around and gave her a sarcastic smile.

"Oh she's not quitting dance, she's quitting from your company," Ethan said, shutting the door behind him.


"Daddy's mad?" Lisa asked quietly, as Ethan pressed hard on the brakes at a stop sign. Ethan turned to look at her and shook his head.

"Not at you sweetheart," He said to her. You looked back at her through the mirror as she nodded slowly, kicking her feet, still barefoot from dance. "Just at your teacher," He said with a sigh. You rubbed his shoulder and sighed.

"No more dance?" Lisa asked, sadness clear in her eyes. Ethan shook his head as he drove.

"We'll go to a different studio, princess," He said, looking at her through the mirror. She nodded and looked out the window.

"Cheer up, baby, we'll find a new teacher in no time," You said to her. She sighed loudly and you gave her a small smile, reaching back to squeeze her knee.

"Alright, I'm running late, we're going straight to the school," Ethan said. You sighed, leaning back into your seat. "I'm sorry, babe, you guys can wait in the stands, it's only a game," He said. You nodded.

"Only a game?" You asked him. He chuckled.

"At least it's not a practice, our practices are longer," He said. You nodded, pulling your phone out to text Grayson you weren't going to be home to make dinner. "McDonald's?" Ethan asked Lisa. Her eyes lit up and she nodded.

"Ethan, no," You warned but he just smiled at you, pulling into the McDonald's drive-through.


"Here, sit here," Ethan said, helping you and Lisa into the stand. You pulled her into your lap and she sat against you, still in her costume from dance, now wearing sneakers. "Okay, daddy'll be back soon, okay?" Ethan asked Lisa. She nodded and reached her hands out to his face.

He let her kiss his cheek before kissing her head and you on the lips. "Bye-bye daddy," Lisa said, getting comfortable against you. You smiled as Ethan walked onto the field where his team was and met up with them.

The team knew Lisa actually. She'd gone to multiple practices and games, sitting on Gray's shoulders. They loved her, and despite being a little scared of their shoulder pads, she loved watching them throw the ball around, sometimes even to her.

You smiled down at Lisa as she grabbed onto your chain, closing her eyes. You pulled out your phone to kill time, waiting for the game to start. And as soon as it did, Lisa woke up from all the noise. She sat up straight, looking back at you.

"Mommy!" She gasped. You smiled and hugged her. She stood on your legs as the game started, Ethan yelling around at the players. You smiled as she clapped for absolutely no reason. You pulled her back down and she squirmed. "Daddy!" She called out to Ethan, unaware that he couldn't hear her through all the noise.

And after a lot of pushing, you let go of her for a second. And man, did she take that one second. Falling out from your lap, she ran down the stairs, doing flips on the field. Startled, you didn't move for a minute. You ran after her, calling her name, stopping the entire game, as all the players froze, staring at the 3-year-old running towards the field.

You gasped as the ball came flying toward her head and she stopped, covering her ear.s The crowd let out a synchronized laugh and you felt like crying. You shut your eyes tight before opening them to see a player, having caught the ball. You sighed as Ethan jogged over, scooping Lisa up, kissing her on the cheek.

The whole crowd laughed and you sighed, hand to your chest. Ethan walked over to the ref, apologizing and they rescheduled for the game to start in a few minutes. You walked over to Ethan, holding onto Lisa and sighed. He chuckled as you walked over, face flushed, from getting ready to cry.

"Hey, calm down, it's fine," He said, laughing, putting Lisa down. Your eyes widened.

"Don't put her down, she's gonna run off again," You said. Lisa just wobbled over to you as Ethan dug into his pocket.

"Yeah probably not a good idea, but I feel like this is the perfect time to do... this," He whispered, pulling the box out of his pocket and kneeling down on one knee. You gasped hands flying to your mouth, tears filling your eyes as he stared up at you.

"You're crazy," You whispered as the crowd cheered at you guys, game delayed once again. He smiled up at you. "Eth-Ethan," You nodded before he could even ask the question.

"Marry me?"  

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