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AN// hello my loves, okay not gonna lie, this is really unrealistic, whoops but its still so so cute so don't come at me :) this is part 4 and the last part to reunion//e.d.

here are the rest: reunion//e.d, family//e.d, exams//e.d, and this one, crazy//e.d

(y/n pov)

"When's her thing?" Ethan whispered, flipping through the program. You smiled, putting a hand on his knee that was already bouncing up and down nervous. "I just want to watch Lisa, where's- oh!" He pointed to the program at Lisa's name. You nodded.

"Shh, E, you have to watch all of them," You said. He nodded, grabbing your hand.

It was Ethan's first time coming to one of Lisa's dance competitions. She loved it. Flips, jumps, twirling in the air. She loved it all. She was a Dolan after all. She was so ready to dislocate limbs if she gets to have fun.

Gymnastics was her favorite thing. For a three-year-old who was allowed to practically do anything, with a dad and uncle like hers, Lisa had all the opportunities to practice. Flips on the trampoline? Tumbling down the stairs? Ethan knew she wouldn't get hurt. Not if she loved what she was doing.

Now, Lisa had been a part of many competitions, being a part of a competitive dance team. But Ethan had to miss every competition because of a football practice or game. As the coach of a football team, he always had to be there, even if it meant missing his only daughter's dance competition. She didn't mind too much, as long as he was home to make her feel like the world when she told him she won.

But this time, he didn't have a practice or a game during her performance. He could go. He got to see his daughter on stage. And he was beyond excited. The other dances and age groups went by and he could barely focus, his mind on getting to see Lisa. Sure, she'd done her dance for him to see plenty of times at home. But seeing her on stage, all by herself, everyone watching her perform, excited him. His daughter was going to be up there.

"She's next!" Ethan exclaimed as the dancer before Lisa walked onto the stage. You smiled and nodded, squeezing Ethan's hand. The dance was over in a few minutes and it was Lisa's turn.

"Dancer number 16 Lisa Dolan," They introduced as the stage lights went dim. Ethan was so excited, he practically jumped out of his seat clapping. You had to put a hand on his shoulder to keep him down.

"It's her!" He said to you as if he'd never seen Lisa before. You shook your head smiling as Lisa walked onto the stage, ready to perform her dance.

Lisa's dance was better than they normally were, knowing her daddy was in the audience watching her. She wanted to impress him, show him how much she'd practiced. Having Uncle Gray in the audience was fun, but her daddy? She couldn't wait to see him after.

She smiled at the audience before walking off of the stage. Ethan stood up clapping as she finished and you smiled. "She was fucking amazing," He said as he sat back down. You sighed and held his hand as the rest of the dances were over.

Ethan couldn't wait to see his daughter win first place in person. Sure he had many trophies and medals at home to show that she'd won. But seeing her win first, he knew would be so much different. So when she won second instead of first, Ethan was outraged, and you could tell.

"Hey, it's okay, she can't win all the time," You said, hand on Ethan's forearm. He shook it away, fist clenched. You looked over at Lisa sitting on stage with all the other dancers, scared thinking her daddy was mad at her. Oh no, Ethan was mad at the judges.

When the show was over, he practically stormed into Lisa's dance studio's room. You hurried after him, hoping he wouldn't break something. But walking in, the sight before him only amplified his anger.

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