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"I HAVE TO PEE!" Ryujin yelled as she banged on the door once more.

Yeah, maybe she shouldn't have drunk a whole bottle of sauce along with the water Yuna offered her. She'll own up to that mistake. But they really couldn't have thought it was a great idea to not include a bathroom in their floor plans of a torture basement, could they?

"Oh my god, my bladder is going to explode!" Ryujin whined as she held her arms between her legs and slumped down against the door.

She's definitely gonna die. And in the most embarrassing way, too. Her bladder will simply explode and efficiently kill her, and she'll be buried covered in pee.

The door opened when she least expected it, hitting the top of her head and causing her to yelp in pain.

"Ryujin?" Yuna called out, poking her head into the room.

"Back here," she groaned, standing up while holding her head. "You should be more careful next time you open that door."

"Whoopsies. I wasn't counting on you hiding behind the door."

Ryujin rolled her eyes. "I wasn't hiding, dummy. I need to pee."

Yuna's eyes brightened as she reached for something out of Ryujin's eyesight. "I figured that's what you were yelling about. Don't worry, I got you something!"

Unless it was some kind of portable toilet (ew), Ryujin has no use for whatever Yuna had.

Yuna threw something into the room, which narrowly missed hitting Ryujin's arm. It bounced a few times against the floor, and only when it was slowly rolling to a stop that Ryujin pulled a face and turned back to Yuna.

"You can't possibly expect me to use a bucket."

Yuna shrugged. "You do what you gotta do."


"What? It's not as bad as you think!"

Ryujin could not believe what she was hearing. She stared at Yuna. Yuna stared back. It was quiet for a few moments between them before the younger started to giggle.

"I'm kidding! Come on, I'll show you the bathroom."

Ryujin sighed in relief as she climbed the steps out of the basement and began to follow Yuna to the bathroom. She expected to see the inside of a huge, elegant house, with guards standing near the doors that watched her every move. Instead, she walked into a brightly lit corridor with only one door being at the very end. Ryujin squinted as she took in the bricked white walls and the artificial lights, and the lack of guards around. It was just her and Yuna.

Just her and Yuna.

"It's through this door," Yuna smiled before grabbing one of Ryujin's hands and heading towards the door.

At that moment, Ryujin's bladder was far from her mind. She thought of ways of how she could escape. She could knock out Yuna. Maybe. Or at least push her down hard enough to disorient her and give Ryujin time to make a run for it. But what about the buff guys? Were they outside waiting for her? She couldn't execute her plan yet. Or lack of plan.

Ryujin held her breath as they got to the door, ready to take in every single detail of Yuna's house. She gave Yuna a quizzical look when the taller tugged her hand until Ryujin was standing in front of the white door.

"Go ahead, I'll stand outside."

Outside? But wouldn't the house be "outside"?

Ryujin glanced behind her to see Yuna smiling encouragingly before she gripped the door knob firmly.

Okay, you got this, Ryujin.

She turned the handle and slowly opened the door...

...to see a bathroom. A very nice bathroom, complete with a shower and cabinet that must've held other hygiene products. But a bathroom nonetheless.

Wait, what?

"Nobody's gonna blow another dart at you," Yuna giggled. "And I'll be right outside if you need anything."

There wasn't even a window to let in sunlight. Just another light overhead, which Yuna flipped on by the light switch to Ryujin's right.

Ryujin stepped into the bathroom, and Yuna closed the door behind her.

Oh no.

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