Chapter 14

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It's quiet... almost too quiet.

I hear the bushes rustling behind me, and Arden whips around keeping me behind him.

We stare and wait for whatever it is to come out.

After the rustling settles down Arden slips me off his back.


I watch Arden as he steps closer to the bush.

In a flash a creature jumps out in front of him and lands on his head.

I look at the tiny, fluffy, horned creature.

Oh my god...


"Phase come here!" I say smiling.

Phase leaps off his head and jumps into my arms.

"Ive missed you so much!" I say hugging him.

"Why're you touching that thief?" Arden says eyeing Phase.

"Umm... cause he's my friend?" I say in a duh tone.

"Those Buoxyira always steal from our food supply." Arden says glaring at him. "He cant come with us, he's nothing but trouble."

"Excuse me, he's the first friend I've had on this planet thank you."

"Fine." He says sighing.

We finally get back to the cave which frankly is the most safe place on this planet for my to stay.

I settle down on the chilling wall of the cave, with Phase curled up in my lap.

"Hey Arden?"


"How are you so good at speaking English, when you only just met me a few days ago...?"

"When me and my people comprehend stuff, we remember it very quickly, unlike your species who take forever to learn new things." He chuckles.

"What else do I not know about you?"

"Each of my people has different... abilities. For instance my parents have scrutien and grutien, meaning they can control stuff with their minds."

"So... like telekinesis and telepathy?"

"Yes, if thats what you call it in your language, basically i got my moms trait of 'telekinesis'. Remember the night we first met?"

"Oh yeah! When that creature was attacking me."

"Yes, that was Razorian, the spirit taker, I used my 'telekinesis' to threaten him."

"One more question."

"Okay." He says smiling.

"Why're you helping me?"

Awkward silence fills the room.

"When I saw you, I saw myself... before I headed back to my home, I heard them talking about hunting you down, and I couldn't let them do it."

I stayed quiet for a moment.

I don't know how to respond to that...

"Let's get some sleep..." i say with a small smile.

"Grosveich, Ella."


Hey guys! Finally updated my book!
Who's happy Phase is finally back? I know I am haha

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