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"Then, my new friends and I made cookies, and then..."

While Eloise went into great detail about how her day went to Harry, I was busy staring down at the menu of the restaurant that we decided to go to and trying to figure out what I wanted. I was hungry for just about anything really, which is what made it so hard for me to decide on what to get, but I tried to make a decision so that Harry and Eloise wouldn't have to wait on me any longer. Eventually when the waitress came back around for the third time and asked if we were all ready to eat, I felt like all eyes were really on me because I was the one that everyone was waiting on, and on a whim I looked up at her and blurted out, "Salad."

She furrowed her eyebrows at me, and I mentally face palmed myself for sounding so stupid.

"That's all you want?" Harry asked me from across the table, and while biting down on my lip I just nodded my head. It wasn't what I really wanted, but I already wasted everyone's time. "Are you sure?" He asked me, and I just nodded my head again to keep this short.

The waitress asked me which one I wanted, and I just shrugged my shoulders while calling out the most generic one, "The house salad, I'll have that." She nodded her head and wrote it down before moving on to Harry and Eloise, and after they ordered the waitress left our table to go put it in. She took our menus as well, and now I had nothing left to fumble with besides the wrapper from my straw.

"All you wanted was a salad?" Harry asked me once again, but this time he looked way past unconvinced. Now, I knew that he was trying just get me to admit that I wanted something way more filling, but maybe I was the stubborn one here this time. When I nodded my head, Harry just rolled his eyes, but he didn't argue with me since I had no intention of saying otherwise. After that, he went back to listening to Eloise talk about her day, and every now and then he would cut in to help her come up with the words that she wanted to say, as well as help her pronounce something that she may have said wrong. It didn't happen very often but since she was three it still did happen, but we've both learned that Eloise was a very quick learner. She picked up on things with so much ease, and that was a huge relief to Harry and I both.

Eventually our food was brought out to us and when my salad was placed in front of me, the only thing that made my mouth water were the croutons, so naturally I ate those first. When my salad was left looking bare besides the vegetables, I attempted to save it by adding some fattening dressing but I still couldn't make myself get even halfway through, and once I got a few good bites into my mouth, I decided to put my fork down. "I'm full." I eventually said to them, and I pushed my plate slightly away from my body. When I looked up at Harry to see if he was almost ready, my eyes widened when I saw that he had just barely touched his plate, and that Eloise was just now starting to work on hers.

"I knew it." Harry mumbled, and then he took a big bite of his food before sliding the plate towards me. I stared down at it while I tried not to let my mouth water, but when he noticed my hesitance, Harry insisted, "Eat it. I know you haven't eaten all day long, Olsen." I didn't even realize that I hadn't eaten anything at all today, but it would explain why I felt like I was starving.

After that, I picked up Harry's fork and cut off a piece of the meat so that I could take a bite. Once the delicious food was going down my throat and into my belly, I decided to take another bite, and then another. Before I could stop myself, Harry's plate was now practically empty, and I swear I thought that I was going to die from embarrassment as I looked up to apologize, "I'm so sorry."

Eloise was too busy playing with her food to even notice the little exchange going on between us, which was fine with me because I was already embarrassed enough, and I didn't want Eloise to laugh at me for devouring Harry's food. It was rude even though he did offer some of it to me, but I don't quite think that he meant I could have the whole plate.

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