No we can't make up our minds...

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Right after Niall left, a girl about my age came in.

"Hi, I'm Lisa. I'll help you with anything you want here's my number, call me whenever you need something."

She gave us each a little card with her phone number and her e-mail.

"Your first challange is in one hour. I cant tell you anything about the challange but between us, I think you two are gonna have fun! Now, do you have any questions?"

I didn't have any. I looked over to Nicole and saw that she was looking at me too. We looked to Lisa and said it both at once.

"No questions!"

"Okay. Your taxi is waiting downstairs, it will take you to the house where you two will be living for the next 14 days."

We took our things and followed Lisa. It was a 15 minute ride to the house. When I exited the cab, all I could say was Whooa!

It was a really big house with a big backyard. I steped forward and Nicole followed. We entered the house and I almost fainted. Pink everywhere. I hate pink. Pink couch, pink kitchen, pink TV, pink, pink, pink... I ran upstairs and looked at the hall.

There were 3 doors on each side. There was a writing on each of them. ANABELLE, LUCY, NICOLE. And on the other side MARY ANN, ELENA, LEAH. I opened the last door. The room was pretty big and blue. It had a balcony. While I was looking around I heard someone runnig towards me. I tryed to look who it was but I was too late. A tiny person threw herself on me and started screaming.

"Can you believe we are in the house where One direction used to live!!!???"

"Elena! Calm down! What?"

"You dont know? The room you are standing in right now was Niall Horans room 6 years ago!"

"It is?"

"Yaah! Would I lie to you? I got Harrys room!"

She smiled, took my hand and dragged me through the door with ELENA written on them. The room was exactly like mine, but it was orange. I wondered...

"Did you see the MARY ANN room when you came upstairs?"

"Yeah. but I didn't see her.."

We walked into Marys room. It was the same as ours but it was green.


"What? Wait a sec, I'm in the bathroom!"

We sat on the bed and tryed to figure out why all of us were in the house. In a minute Mary came out of the bathroom and sat on her bed next to us.

"So I know what I'm doing here. But why are you two here?"

"A girl called Lisa called me and said its urgent for me to come to this adress. Noone was downstairs so I came upstairs and I saw a door with my name on them and entered them."

"I got a call from a guy named Joshua. Same message."

"I get it! You two are gonna live here with Nicole and I. And her friends! Cmon, follow me!"

I ran out on the hall and knoched on Nicoles door.

"Come in!"

We entered a purple room and there were three girls sitting on a couch. The other two girls were Nicoles friends. We sat on the couch and started talking and getting to know eachother.

"So You two also don't know why you're here?"


Someone knocked on the door. Nicole shouted a 'come in' and we saw Liah and Joshua enter a room.

"Here you all are! We searched the whole house to find you! How are you girlies?"

"We're all fine. What is going on here?" I just needed to know before I die of curiosity. Joshua started talking.

"Did you ever watch xFactor? I'm sure you have. This is quite similar. Nicole and Leah will be competing for a duet with Niall and you four are here to help them and support them. You will also be there to help them with song chosing, make-up, dresses etc."

"So like our personal bitches?" We all laughed to Nicoles comeback.

"You can say that." He chuckled.

"So. Leah and Nicole, please come with me and you four are going on a free shopping spree with Lisa. Buy anything you see would fit them and when you're done, buy something for you too. The girls screamed and smiled like idiots. Well Elena knew my fashion style so I trusted her completly.

Joshua led us downstairs to the kitchen. He opened a door behind a courtain.Pretty secretive I might say. We walked down the stairs and I heard a guitar and drumms. We entered a huge studio. Music instuments everywhere, microphones, headphones, computers. I looked at the pople there and the only person I knew was Jake!

"Leaaaaaah! How's your day going?"

"Full of surprises!"

He smiled and showed me and Nicole the couch.

"So here's what you're gonna do. The band will play a song and you two will sing. Not a big deal right? It will be live on the radio and we told people to tweet who they think is better. The tweets will be on that screen over there."

He showed us a big screen.

"Here are the lyrics and good luck. Leah, you're up first!"

I looked through the songs. Some good ones, some love ones and there was a song I absolutely LOVED a few years ago. What makes you beautiful. The band started playing the first song. I sang it with confidence and while I was singing I looked over to the tweets. There were some rude comments but there was a whole bunch of sweet ones. Then it was Nicoles turn and so on and so on until we sang all of the songs. Joshua entered a room with a piece of paper in his hands.

"Ladies, right here on this paper, I have the winner of the challange. We counted all of the tweets, we also asked the band members to tell us their favourite. And the winner of the first challange is...


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