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Jungkook led Taehyung into his room that very night, pulling the boy by his hand. They slipped quietly through the gates of the palace, foolishly believing they'd been discrete yet again. However, the silhouette of the stranger masked behind the bush soon disappeared and ceased following the pair once they were successfully hidden away in Jungkook's room.

"Baby," the Prince murmured softly, pinning the elder up against the wall firmly. He placed his two hands against the boy's shoulders, keeping him in front of him, to which Taehyung immediately complied to, looking up at Jungkook with widened eyes.

"Kook.." he breathed out desperately, almost begging the other to simply touch him. Both boys didn't know what had overcome them in that very second, however both of them were almost certain that they needed each other; and neither one of them would deny the other.

"Patience, darling," Jungkook ordered firmly, although he soon began working on the side of Taehyung's neck, swiftly pulling off the boy's shirt, in order to reveal his hickey-littered neck. "Perfect," he muttered under his breath, inspecting his marks for a few, brief seconds until he lost every aspect of self-control, giving into his needs.

The Prince latched his mouth against Taehyung's bronze skin, running his tongue along the purple bruises placed upon his skin only a day before. The sounds being emitted from the boy's mouth were enough to bring Jungkook over the edge, as he could practically feel his heartbeat quicken each time Taehyung released a desperate whimper due to the younger nipping occasionally on his skin, only creating new marks.

"Jungkook, I-" Taehyung began, before he was immediately cut off by the sensation of the Prince's finger pressed against his mouth.

"Jungkook, hm?" he spoke out lowly to Taehyung, his brow arched his question. "Wrong, sweetheart. I believe I'm looking for something else."

"Daddy," the blue-haired boy whispered shyly, his cheeks heating up with an evident red blush. He failed to make eye contact with Jungkook, however once the Prince lifted his chin in attempt to force Taehyung to look at him, he had no other choice but to do so.

The sheer dominance radiating from Jungkook was enough to send Taehyung over the edge, although he maintained his composure, biting back the urge to just submit in front of the boy and obey whatever he commanded.

"You're okay, Taehyungie," Jungkook soothed gently, running his fingers through the boy's hair. "You just listen to whatever I say, okay baby? You'll be fine," he continued, sensing the aura of panic which was clear from Taehyung. The latter looked nervous, however Jungkook was almost glad. He was glad he was the first person the servant had been intimate with.

"Go over there," he instructed firmly a few seconds later, signalling towards his own bed with was situated a few feet away. "Strip and spread yourself open for me. Now."

Taehyung couldn't do anything but immediately comply, pacing over towards the mattress before yanking his clothes off himself, growing more shy by the second as he was well-aware of Jungkook's gaze resting upon him. He did as the Prince asked, crawling onto the surface of the duvet whilst spreading his legs wide for the raven-haired.

Jungkook, on the other hand, pulled off his own robes, stripping off every last inch of clothing from his body as he watched the boy do the same a few steps in front of him. Biting back a groan threatening to slip past his lips, the younger strode over towards the bed, running his tongue along his own bottom lip at the mere sight in front of him.

Jungkook practically felt his knees growing weak at the reality of Taehyung, with the two of his thighs spread invitingly out ahead of him, almost begging him to ruin the latter's innocence. Jungkook swore in that moment that he'd never witnessed anything as beautiful as the sight laid out before him.

"Such a good boy," the man complimented, making sure to throw in a few sweet remarks to the boy every second or so. He wanted Taehyung's first experience at doing anything intimate to be special and worth remembering, hence why he decided to be gentle with him tonight.

"Koo- Daddy," Taehyung began, before immediately correcting himself after realising his mistake. He only looked up at the taller man, his face contort with a trace of worry, which was enough for the message to be conveyed loud and clear.

"It's alright, my darling. We have all the time in the world," Jungkook said gently, hoisting himself up onto the bed. "I won't ruin you just yet. Tonight isn't the night."

Instead, the Prince grabbed onto each of his thighs with his hands, pushing either one to either side, giving him a clear view of Taehyung's cock which was evidently erect by this moment.

"Relax, sweet boy. You're doing more than okay," Jungkook said quietly, feeling satisfied as he watched Taehyung growing less tense underneath his hold.

The elder allowed the Prince to spread him apart, shamelessly showing Jungkook his pulsating member, which occasionally hit his lower stomach, already hardened due to the Prince's light, teasing touches bestowed upon him.

"Daddy, please," Taehyung whispered, his own thighs trembling with slight desperation. "Touch me."

And who was Jungkook to deny his sweet request? The man wasted no time in lowering his head, pressing gentle kisses across the inner part of Taehyung's smooth leg skin. He occasionally nipped against his thigh, earning a suppressed moan from the blue-haired, who only tangled his fingers in Jungkook's black strands, tugging against them harshly.

"Fuck," he cursed softly, too overcome with pleasure in that moment to even be able to think straight. All Taehyung could focus on in that given time was the sheer pleasure experienced due to the handsome man in front of him.

Jungkook continued littering kisses across his skin, before pulling back seconds later, marvelling at the sight below him. He noted how perfect Taehyung appeared; with his parted, cherry lips along with his flushed cheeks which gave him an almost angelic appearance. His bronze skin gave him an ethereal complexion, causing Jungkook to wonder how on earth he'd managed to capture the attention of someone so beautiful.

Finally, Jungkook wrapped his slender fingers around the base of Taehyung's cock, beginning to slide his hand across his throbbing shaft, desperately needing to hear more of the boy's sounds, before his ears perked up to a voice which made both Jungkook and Taehyung's hearts stop.

"Jeon Jungkook. The King is present. You have three seconds to open the door before we use force to come in."

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