Chapter XVIII

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          Brian was not surprised when they pulled up outside Adams Family Diner twenty minutes after the leaving the house.  Actually if they had went anywhere else it would have shocked him.  For one thing it was the closest diner to the high school which made it convenient.  And it was also operated by their uncle Eli who had married into the Adams family which meant that they would be under the watchful eye of someone their father trusted.  And if there was one thing that both their parents liked was their adolescent sons being supervised.

          Brian rubbed his right ear as he exited the car.  The pain was slowly fading away and he hoped that it subside by the time he got to school.  The last thing he needed was one more part of his body throbbing in pain.

           Brandon gave him an unsympathetic look as he watched him rub his ear.  He sent him a silent message that said it would not be hurting if you just did what you were told.  He could not help but agree. 

            They stepped up  onto the side walk and Brian said "Oh by the way bro, you were right momma confiscated my cell phone last night."

            "Figured she would."  Brandon said.

            "Thank you for letting me delete my more controversial texts before she had a chance to see them."  He said.  Plus also logging out of all my social media accounts.  The last thing he needed was for her to see his more intimate conversations with Kelly or him complaining to his friends about his parent's overprotectiveness.   His backside would have been beaten black and blue and he would probably have been grounded for a month if she had seen them. 

             "You're welcome bro." 

             "I was curious how did you know that I would have those things on there?"  he asked as his brother placed his hand on the front door.

              He stopped mid pull and gave his brother a look that said seriously.  He then grinned as he said "Because I've had those controversial texts on my phone as well."  He then opened the door and stepped out of the way as two adolescent girls walked out.  The girls gave a small smile as they said hello to the brothers and then made their way down the sidewalk. 

             "I guess you have."  He said realizing that was a stupid question.

             Brandon placed his hand on his brother's back as they walked in.   "I hope you remembered to delete any risqué photos from your gallery."

             "There are no risqué photos in my gallery."  He said impressed that his brother knew that word.  He thought that would be too big of a word for him.

             He gave his brother a playful look.  "Sure there aren't."

             "They aren't."  He said a bit defensive.

            "Uh huh."

           "Stop it."  He said as his patience began to dissipate.

          "Hey guys."   A twenty year old host with short brown hair and brown eyes said as he walked up to them holding a couple of menus. 

           "Hey Eli."  Brandon said to his cousin.

          "Just the two of you this morning."

          "Yep just the two of us."  Brandon replied.

        "Alright."  He led them from the host area and said "Booth or table."

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