Chapter 1 - A Misdirected Letter

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This is a story about the old ways and methods of communicating. More specifically. A feathered pen, calligraphy and lavender-scented sheets of grain paper. I fancy these things as it reminds me of the thoughtfulness and time that was put into the entire aspect of constructing letters. It also tells of a tale of clandestine romance and lovers who were forced to use innovative ways to communicate.

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I am pleased to note that my time spent away has made you yearn for my company. I have missed you also. Since I've been away, I've noticed that my work seems to just disappear at a much faster pace.

It is peaceful and quiet here. There is not much to distract me from the tasks at hand but thoughts of you my dear. Being away from your company has made me realise that you are paramount in my life. It is not that it failed to occur to me before but that the silence seems to awake dormant or sleeping ideas.

I crave your warmth and your kisses like there was nothing left to live for. Please wait for me. Don't do away with me. My kisses travel like a startled horse to you.




The words ended. Wow. Who still wrote like that? Halle thought to herself. She had earlier gathered her mail from the letterbox beyond her front door. Opening it with haste as she thought it was urgent mail since it had been stamped, Halle instantly became bewildered.

There was a letter written in the most beautiful calligraphy she had ever seen. It was simply remarkable. She thought that whoever this Nate was, he had written the letter with confidence, grace and gentleness that had left a residue in every word he uttered. A commendable amount of thought had gone into that letter and Halle instantly became a bit depressed.

You see, the letter had somehow made its way to the wrong recipient and Halle had only realised this when she read on and after she investigated the opened envelope which the letter had been neatly folded in.

Another reason for her sudden depression was the contents of the letter. It was obvious that Muffin and Nate were lovers. It appeared that their relationship was sound and here was Halle, reading a love letter that was addressed to some lucky woman while her love-life was in the dumps so to speak.

How had this Muffin managed to snag a guy like Nate in such a modern world where not many people took the time to care anymore? Well, whatever way she employed it sure did work.

Furthermore this Nate, how had he managed to adapt or sustain such archaic ways of relaying messages?

Halle had been captivated by everything. The calligraphy, the texture of the page, the scent of lavender that made reading it more worthwhile. After all, she was a writer though not as she would have liked to be yet.

Halle worked for the Editor in Chief's assistant for a magazine was not worth mentioning. She was taken by the older way of doing things namely less technology if you will. Call her old-fashioned and she wouldn't mind at all.

Deciding to rectify the problem, Halle wrote a letter though it was against what her heart kept hinting. It was not her business anyway. This was between those two love birds. She should have read the envelope rather than just opening it without investigating.

Addressing her letter to the return address that had been written to the back of the page, Halle felt self-conscious of her pen. About everything. About the common paper, she wrote on. About the blandness and boring style of the letter. Everything.

While she was on her way to work tomorrow, Halle would post the letter. After sealing the manilla envelope, she wrote down the mailing address. She would also be sending the misdirected letter to Nate and be done with it though she was torn between keeping the letter and sending it back to its origin. The latter won out in the end.

Just like that the closest she'd ever come to that type of experience had disappeared.

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