Beautiful Creature

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For Ivy Juwita, Nero are the most beatiful creature

He is so tender, smart and handsome

He however doesn't feel worth in this world

He is too good, he shall belong to dream world

For Gwyna Ananta, Nero are the most talented artist

His body so masculine and his brain are fantastic

In every subject at school, he is the smartest

His body are so beautiful like symbolic art

He is medalist that every girl have a blood-lust

He is deadly fearless that every guy have a curst

For Melanie and Lancel, Nero are fragile boy

He looks so strong yes... But he actually a sea buoy

He can laugh hard but he never feel joy

He always felt that his life are nothing but playable toy

For Fabian, Nero and him are sort of rival

Nero number one and him number two

He feels over Nero are like carnival

Sometimes he loves his perfecto

sometimes he wants to spill him some cappucino

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