Red Girl

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There is a girl who loves wearing red

Red skirt, red short, red shirt, red blood.

She loves that color that she dreamed she would die surrounded by red everyday.

She never scared of it. Only satisfaction.

We can now calling her red girl.

That Red Girl sitting on the window everyday. It was a second floor anyway.

She loves the idea of jumping that window.

She loves it when it break her leg, her arm or her neck.

Even when she died, it doesn't matter. She never wants her life anyway.

One day, in a very lazy hazy day.

The Red Girl sitting on the window wearing red.

Her mind filled with melancholia.

Her heart suffers. Her mind keep-screaming in agony.

She is more suffer than any day. Her mind filled with poisonous words and thought.

Suffer... Suffer... Suffer....

Pain.. Pain... Pain..

She wants to jump that window. So much.

She step in the windows. Look the outside. And think.

If she jump out the window now, she will no longer feel suffer.

She will be free.

She is no longer in agony.

It will be one epic painful but she will never suffered anymore.

If she is not jumping.

She will feel suffer again and again and again

Continuously in agony. Continuously in pain. Shattered her heart into a thousand pieces.

That girl never jump the window. 

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