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So, we wanna make this fun, because we hate stressful things, and what's the point in being here if you don't enjoy it right? But still, there will be a few rules. Not many, but it does need some.

1. Respect everyone here, and if someone is being disrespectful or hurtful toward you, let us know and we'll deal with it.
2. Try and participate in the club. Don't join and then do nothing cause that's annoying. Equally, if you're just too busy that's fine, you don't have to tell us because we understand it can sometimes be awkward, but it would be helpful.
3. There are no strikes, because we find that stressful, but if you have been inactive for more than a few weeks and haven't mentioned it to us, we'll message you to see if everything's ok.
4. Add this book to a public reading list to receive updates and spread the word. (You can follow us and other members of the club, it would be recommended, but it's not mandatory)
5. Password is your favourite animal (this changes often)
6. You must be relatively active (obviously you don't have to be on here 24/7 but at least check it a once in a while)
7. Care about the environment. We don't want people here because saying they care about the planet makes them look good.
8. Don't worry, you don't need a massive amount of knowledge on climate change, as we're here to help educate not only others, but ourselves too! Just be willing to learn.
9. Enjoy!

What would you do?

Well, most of all, have fun! But that's not it. As this club is dedicated to helping the environment, we do actually need to try and help. So there'll be assignments every two weeks (we'll give reminders when time is nearly up) we guess they're not really assignments, but just things you could do. Each time, we'll give a list of things you can choose from to do at some point over the month. It could be:

- write a message on your profile to help raise awareness, or post something on other social media accounts

- write a passage about something to do with the environment (e.g a particular animal that may go extinct, or maybe even just rant about something to do with climate change that annoys you, or give advice about how to help) it can be as short or as detailed as you would like. Send it to us via the email in our bio and we will put it in the climate community's official book which collects everyone's things they have written.

- do something at home that is good for the environment (you could tell us and we'll also have a chapter in this book to list the things people have done).

- promote the account and community on the wattpad forums

- as  philpw99 So helpfully suggested, review books to do with the environment and if they are good, we'll add them to the public reading list on this account.

Basically, whatever you want as long as it's helpful!

If you're still interested and we haven't bored you to death, fill in the form below:

Reason why you wanted to join the club:
How much do you already know about environmental issues: (this is just so we know whether you're a complete genius, or whether you're pretty new to thinking about this kinda thing.)
Rules followed:

Just comment or whatever and we'll reply soon. Hopefully, we can except everyone!


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