4. Blake

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"Stop laughing," Blake growled at his older brother, Link bending over with a howling cackle

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"Stop laughing," Blake growled at his older brother, Link bending over with a howling cackle. He had to hold onto his sides to keep them from bursting open. Not listening, Link fell out of his desk chair and rocked back and forth.

"It's not funny!" Blake snapped, throwing his hands up in the air. "You, dickwad! I'm marrying Danny for you! I just asked a simple question!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry—it's just my little brother! Never had a date in his life! Engaged! I fucking can't man! Does Damien know? Okay, okay. I'm sorry," Link said, through labored breathing. He wiped a tear from his eye and flicked it at the floor. "Ask me again. Go ahead," he encouraged, still lying flat on his back.

Link was the same age as Danny, twenty-five with round glasses and usually, he wore business casual wear with intricate patterns and quirky ties with socks to match, but at home he wore his navy blue Yale sweatshirt and black gym shorts. Currently, while working at the family business, Link strived for his master's degree in plant biology. He was gangly like the rest of the Winslows, but he's the only one who's cut his curls short.

"I just wanted to know what Danny was like," Blake asked for the second time.

Link's dumb face scrunched up as he mulled it over. It annoyed Blake like crazy that he could look even a little but like his stupid brother. Link shrugged and said, "Well, first off, he doesn't go by Danny anymore. If someone called him that, the whole room might shit a brick. He's a prince, Blake, to a huge coven. It's Daniel. Not Dan. Daniel."

"I don't really care about his name."

"When do you leave?"

"Tomorrow morning," Blake mumbled and crossed his arms. He didn't even want to pack, giving the task to Nancy, a maid that knew him well enough to pack the stuff he liked and leave the stuff he never wore. He didn't want to think about it. Blake changed the subject back to Danny. "Is he any different from how he acted like he was a kid?"

"Oh, yeah," Link nodded, easily swayed as long as he still had the opportunity to run his mouth. "He's so serious. We barely even talk when we run into each other, like we didn't even know each other, like we weren't best friends back in the day. He just waves and gets ushered to the next function or whatever."

"What's going on around here? Why is everyone in such a fuss?"

Damien popped his head into Link's room. The eldest of the Winslow brothers, Damien had an intense maturity surrounding him, which reminded Blake a lot of their mother. Gentle, but intense. He let his curls grow out, probably without realizing it. His silver eyes were darker, stormier and he was the tallest by far.

Damien snapped a look down. "Why are you on the floor?"

Link snorted. "Blake's engaged."

"Link," Blake snapped as his face burned red hot.

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