Set the record straight

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*sorry for any grammar errors lmao*

   *sorry for any grammar errors lmao*

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Nipsey POV

Lauren haven't been answering any of my calls or text. We haven't even had our first date yet, My crazy ass baby mama always find her way to intervene in some shit that ain't got nothing to do with her! How the fuck the girl who ain't really my girl already get put into some drama.
I pulled up to my momma crib where my sister be at. This shit crazy as fucc cuz I would think Lauren would be okay by now but obviously she aint up for the bull shit.
"Ermiasss oh you here on time today" My mama yelled from the porch. I usually come over until later but Blacc got me at the store for today.
"Yea Ma, Blacc gone be over here later" I said walking up giving her a hug. My mom and sister is who I go to when I don't understand the "female" logic cuz I'm a whole nigga I don't know shit about what they feel unless they say it, Im not physic.

"Where Sammy?" I asked.

"RIGHT HERE BROTHERR I MISSED YOU" Sammy loud mouth came from around the kitchen.

"What you got going on?" Sammy asked.

I was thinking where the hell should I start? Start with how I finally got to meet Lauren London the girl I've been wanting? Or how My Baby mama got her ass beat and now the girl I want mad at me ?

"Tanisha crazy ass showed her ass at the club lastnight" I rubbed my hands together.

Mom: "Yall back together?"


Sammy: "So why do you care?"

"Because she got into a fight with a female"

Mom: "I'm not understanding you have to elaborate Ermias, you're acting like this is her first fight"

Sammy: "You must knew the female?

"Its a female I've been talking to for a minute, I really mess with her".

Sammy: "ohhhh Ermias hassss a crussshh, So who is she?"

"Thats for me to know, You to find out" I laughed.

     Samantha hates when I hold back secrets specially when she knows its a secret but she doesn't know about what. I can see Samantha getting irritated now because I been on my grind I never really had a real "girlfriend". So this some shit to hear.

Sammy: "I'll find out trust and believe it! But did you check Tanisha about it?"

"Not yet what am I suppose to say? Nothing gets through her thick ass brain.. yall know that" I said in frustration.

Mom: "Tell her grow up and move on, What I've been telling you to tell her the first three times"

"Ermias let me ask you something, Do you really like the girl? Or are you just saying that because she must have an attractive quality about her?" My mom said.

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