I Walk With Shadows

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~~I Walk With Shadows~~

Chapter One

**I Walk This Road Alone**

I stared out the window.. As the rain battered against my foggy window.. I sighed heavily as I put on my grey hoodie over my black, long wavy hair.. I tied my grey converse.. I stared at my black beat up jansport bookbag for a while.. Then I finally put it over my shoulder. *Ding* I heard my phone in my pocket. I started to walk outside of my awfully small room and checked my phone. NEW TEXT MESSAGE.

Mom: have a good day at school honey. i love you.

I rolled my eyes as I put my phone back into my pocket and picked up my keys on the counter and made my way outside.. It smelled damp, as the rain was pounding against the pavement. You see. Whenever my mom, (sadly I must call her that) tells me "I love you" it's as fake as it can ever be. Why, you ask? Because.. if she loved me, she wouldn't have left me for 3 years.. If she loved me she wouldn't bring one of her idiotic crappy good for nothing boyfriends home every week. If she loved me, she wouldn't come home everyday at around 5... 2 am.. If she loved me, she would care that I go out and fight on the streets to make money.. If she LOVED me, she wouldn't tell me she hated me.. My eyes were searching for a parking lot.. I found one as I parked my small little red beat up truck there. I took my key out of the ignition as I threw it inside my bookbag. I slammed the door roughly.. Making about the whole truck shake. I held a tight grip on the strap of my bookbag as I slowly made my way to the school. I walked to where I usually wait for the bell to ring. I sat down on the wooden bench on which the blue paint was already coming off. I took my book out and started to read where I left off last night.. I was getting into it... Until.. "Hey Cassadee!" I heard someone's familiar voice say. My eyes narrowed.. Face still hiding in my book.. "Go away." I said rudely.. I felt someone sit down beside me as their bookbag dropped. I slowly turned my head in their direction. Ugh. Delilah. One of the most prepiest girls here.. Her golden hair fell to her shoulders, her green eyes sparkled, as her pink glittery shirt glistened under the sun. I glared at her. "What do you want?" I asked trying to control my anger. She smiled at me showing her two rows of perfectly white teeth.

"I just.. wanted to know how you are.. I always see you alone.. So I thought.. that.. you know.. maybe you wanted some company.." she smiled. "Thanks for wondering, but no I'm fine alone. You can leave now." I replied, reading my book once again.. "Oh come on! It must get lonely.. I mean.. Honestly? I don't know how you do it Cassadee." she said her smile fading as her big green eyes stared at me in awe. I rolled my eyes as I narrowed at her. "Will you just PLEASE, leave me alone?!" I snapped at her. Her eyes got wider as she snapped up picking up her bookbag. And then she left quickly. Thank god. All I want to do is be alone.I mean.. That's how I've lived my life for 15 years..

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