Part 18

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Ani. Shivz.... but next second she fell down on the floor with bleeding lips when he slapped across her face making her imbalance .

Shiv. How dare u to hide my baby from me Anika. Who had given u right to take him away from  me.  It's been six months u r living with me and u didn't even try to tell me about him being my son . That's mean if I won't had got to knew about it then u would have keep me in dark whole life.  Didn't u ever Think twice about me and my son. How can u keep us away from each other.  I thought u got married and had baby with someone else. But never thought that u was hiding my baby from I felt like to kill u when i heard the truth from  doctor. My blood my son was away from me and I hadn't have a slightest awareness of it. How can u stoop so low Anika how can u keep a baby away from his father. Chee today I'm feeling disgusting to loving u. How can I love that person who was calling my baby as other man's son.  suddenly he took two steps back when Anika got up and slapped him hard on his face wiping her lips with other hand  .

Shiv. Anikaaa

Anika look at him angrily and again gave him a nicest slap on his face.

Ani. Chup aik dam chup now I'll speak and u will listen. What did u say I hid ur baby from me. Which child u r talking about mr obeori. That baby whose mother u had left on the  bed after fucking her. And next day u broke her by saying it was a mistake and happens in friends so I shouldn't make any issue as u loved tia. Wow mr obeori bravo how easily u blamed me for everything despite knowing everything.  When u had made out with me I thought u loved me but I was a fool who had submitted myself to u.  And I realised all that next day when u came to me and in spite of saying sorry to me u just said I don't love u and I should forget this as it was  just heat of moment.

Shiv. Anika ma

Ani. Just shut up and listen to me. Do u know how much I bore hurdles in my life because of u. No u don't know so let me tell u bcz of u my parents threw me  out of their lives by saying I've spoiled their reputation.  After that when I left city then people didn't accept me by saying I'm a characterless girl who got pregnant before marriage.  I had changed 4 places bcz of it. Bcz of u my son heard many bad words about him even not any school was  ready to give him admission just bcz he hadn't have any Father's name. My son didn't spend a day when he didn't cry for u. Everyday he used to cry for u and asked me about u. But I hadn't have any answer bcz what would have told him that his father had left his mother just because he used to love someone else. Or should I had told  to him that  ur father kicked ur mom out of his life by believing on his love over  his friendship.  It's been 5 years I'm crying as well as my son and the reason is u.  U didn't spoil my life u spoiled my son's life also. U have spoiled 5 yrs of his childhood. In that phase in which he should had play he stayed at home bcz kids used to tease by calling him fatherless baby. For once I can neglect my sorrows, pain and  forgive u. But I can't forgive u for my son's tears which he shaded because of u.  I hate u shivaay singh obeori I hate u so much.

Shiv. I'm I'm sorry I can't tell u what I'm feeling right now. Just wanna say that plz forgive me. But Anika u should had told me about him maybe  our  life would have been better then this.

Ani. Oh so u wanted me to tell u about him ha.  What would i have tell u  mr obeori ha.  Yahi ka shivaay accept me as I'm going to be mother of ur baby. But  I knew that if I  would have told u that time then then u hadn't have  accept both us infect I'm sure u would have ask me to adopt him bcz u was in love with tia and maybe still u r. Just want me now bcz of ur needs nothing else. But don't worry i won't let u to make me weak again infront of u like before. I will never ever will be urs.i hate u shivaay I hate u so much. She sobbed and set on the sofa crying manically.

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