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Next morning

Shivay was sleeping soundly on bed. Anika enters the room holding coffee mug.

Ani_shivay wake up see time is already 9:00.
Anika open curtain. Shivay hide himself in duvet and continue his sleep..
Anika pull duvet from shivay.

Ani_i said you to wake up.

Shiv_two minutes wifey .

Ani_😕 i said wake up.

Shiv_i said i want to sleep 😴😴.

Ani_ok then i give this special milk shake to rudy he was very good unlike you.

Shivay wake up with jolt.
Shiv_no i was good boy don't give my milk shake to that rudy 😤😤😤. Give it to meee

Ani_first brush your teeth before drink it.

Shiv_offo wife i already brush yesterday night .

Anika drag shivay to washroom. She make shivay brush his teeth.

Shiv_now give my supper milkshake.

Shivay lye on anika lap.
Shiv_aaa . Anika make shivay drink milkshake .

Good that shivay forget about that doremon. Otherwise its hard for me to pacify him 👼.



Shiv_where is doraemon?

Ani_phail gha raitha!

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