Diana Prince- Goodbye (c)

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"Are you sure Diana?" You questioned, apprehensive of her fate and decision she made.

"I am positive. No one could create such pain in war other than Ares himself," she explained.

You trusted Diana with all of your heart, you knew that if she believed something then she was going to fight for it and do everything in her power to make it right. Having been told stories of Ares as she grew, she had now decided it was her place to fight him and save mankind from his influence. Without any knowledge of where he would be, anything beyond what the stories had once told her, but her heart was too large to let the pain of the world continue.

Diana had planned to leave Themyscira with the man whom had crashed off the shore and he would guide her to where she needed to go to defeat Ares. You didn't trust the man but if Diana did, then you would give him the benefit of the doubt. Even though you knew she was doing what was right and what she felt she needed, you didn't want her to leave. Not only could she die, you simply did not want to be apart from the woman you had grown to love, especially knowing where she would be headed and the fact that she may not return.

"What if I never see you again?" You whispered, grasping her hand to your heart.

She offered you a gentle, reassuring smile. "I will return to you, as long as my heart still beats against my breast, I shall make my way back to you. Do not doubt that."

"And what if it shall stop?" You asked. "What if you ended up killed?"

"Worry not of those matters. Just know I shall forever be within your heart even if I am across the ocean."

You took in a deep breath, not knowing if this would be the last time you would have Diana by your side.

"I shall miss you dearly until you return to our shores," you commented. "And I know you will return to our shores."

Diana smiled at you fondly before kissing you passionately, knowing this may be the last kiss to be shared between you.

"I love you Y/N but I must leave now or we shall never get away without my mother trying to stop us," she said apologetically.

"I love you so much Diana," you whispered.

She trailed away until your fingers were forced to separate as she headed from the room.



Written by Charlotte

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