Chapter 9

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Previously on The Fate...

Avneet, Siddharth and their other friends had went to club. But some drunken was teasing the girls. One person tried to touch Avneet's Chest, she slapped him and when he was going to hit her, Sid beated him badly and then afterwards he made a cut in Avneet's hand.

Sid took Avneet to the hospital and rest of their friends went to Nigam Mansion.

After dressing, while they were going to Nigam Mansion, rain started and they both started playing in rain..
After some time they both went back to the car..


They both went to the car.
Sid Switched on the heater.. Avu was very tired so she slept..

They reached Nigam Mansion. When Sid looked towards Avu, she was sleeping peacefully.. And their was now fully dried...
And he was staring at her..

Sid's POV

Yeh Nakchadi sote vakt kitni cute lagti hai par jab jagi huee hoti hai toh bilkul Nakchadi ban jaati.. Ab isse jagaun yaa aise le jaake bedroom mein chodke aa jaoon. Iski itni pyaari neend kharab karne ka man nahi kar raha. Chalo uthake le jaata hoon..

Sid picks Avu in a bridal style..
She keeps her hand around his neck and was still sleeping peacefully.

Sid enters in his mansion, goes towards the guest room and keeps her on the Bed.
While leaving she holds his wrist and hugs his hand like a teddy bear. Sid tried to remove her hand from his hand but no use instead she pulled his hand and he fall beside Avu.. At last, he also slept with her in the Bed..

In midnight he was feeling uncomfortable so he removed his shirt and slept (he forgot Avu was sleeping with him)..

*Skips to Morning*

Vaishu wants to meet Avu so she went to the other guest room. But when she entered in the room, she saw Avu is sleeping on Sid's bare chest, hugging him... She chuckled and clicked a picture of both of them and went out..

*Avu wakes*

Avu's POV

When I woke up, I felt some soft under my head. When I looked, I saw I'm sleeping on Sid's chest, he is sleeping with me that without his T shirt.

He is looking like a child while sleeping..
Yrr he is looking so cute..
Yrr ek banda itna cute kaise hon sakta hai..
Par jab jaga hua hota tho bilkul badal jaata hai.. bandar jaisi harkate karta hai..
Par phir bhi he is soo hot yrr.
But How dare he sleep with me??

Avu: Oye Bandar.. utt

Sid: Ruk jao naa bhaiya thoda aur sone do naa...

Avu: Abe O bhaiya ke bhai, pehle utt phir dekh kahan hai tu..

Sid: Oye Nakchadi tu mere room mein kya kar rahi hai..
Nahi wait yeh toh guest room hai.

Avu: Hann yahi mein pooch rahi hoon, tu mere sath kyun soya..

Sid: Acha.. oh hello muje tumhare saath koi sone ka mann nahi tha..

Avu: Tho soye kyo..

Sid: Voh.

Avu: Bolo naa...

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